Happy Valentine’s Day 2017… #CelebRAteLove Contribution, with Short Limerick =)


Thorin bearing a Valentine’s bouquet… my office. That’s not too shabby!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!! And a special shout-out to Guylty for the impetus to make something, anything happen on this poor, sad blog! So! While my preoccupationwitharmitage was definitely rejuvenated after my wonderful trip to NYC, a Stage Door Runner event, and 4 performances of Love, Love, Love… it didn’t really translate into a whole lot more blogging on my part. And I really wish that wasn’t the case. Life is just busy right now, and the lovely Richard Armitage has a lot of competition for my time and energy.

I’m elbows deep in another quilt, the kids have a ton of extracurricular activities, the veterinary business is going gangbusters, and it’s just about time to start gathering material for the accountant. But I did have the energy to set up a little office photo shoot… since I knew everyone would probably appreciate Thorin bearing Valentine’s flowers!

He does look rather manfully romantic, there in front of a little collection of Armitage memorabilia, the dog curled up at his feet…




Introducing Roxie, our small dog-like animal.

Oh yeah, and speaking of that dog curled up at Thorin’s feet… I don’t know that I have ever formally introduced my new child, Roxie! Our sweet little Girlfriend did pass away late last spring, and it wasn’t long before we were fortunate enough to welcome Roxie, a 2-year-old rescued Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, into the fold. She’s pretty stinking cute, and has provided all kinds of entertainment and pure, loyal affection. This dog is my shadow. She could probably fill up a blog post, or even a blog of her own with all her antics, but since I’m on the subject, I’ll give you her short story… she was purchased as a puppy by an elderly man with cancer, and after he passed away, she spent several days alone with his body. Needless to say, we work on separation anxiety issues! She was then sold to a family who loved her, but their 60lb boxer was terrified of her 10lb ferocious self, so she went to the Cavalier Rescue organization. Aside from her separation anxiety, she also had bilateral luxated patellas (knee-caps out of socket) since puppyhood, which caused her to spend her entire life completely unable to bend her hind legs. She now has both her knees repaired and fully functioning, and a family that absolutely adores her, not to mention a mom who doesn’t put up with any bullshit terrorizing other animals. She goes back and forth to the clinic with me, tries to steal into the exam rooms to accompany me, enjoys greeting clients in the lobby, believes she has been wrongfully banned from the sterile surgery suite, and absolutely loves the kids. And their socks. And their dirty underwear. I love her so much!



Hubby playing Bass while I sew. We barely fit in the craft room!


My three kids!

And since it’s the holiday of love, and Roxie had a photo op, I would be remiss if I didn’t include the other Valentines in my life… Hubby, My Young Love, and his adorable Little Sister. They bring laughter, smiles and all kinds of good feels on a daily basis. So blessed!






v4But back to my Valentine’s collaboRAtion… my office sports a little bit of memoRAbilia, as you can see. Several magnets on my mini-fridge, several framed photos that were gifted to me, a lovely Francis Dolarhyde shrine, subtle Richarding tree ornaments, post-cards, and mementos from my trip to Greece. Not to mention my very own, life-sized, always amorous Thorin Oakenshield.





A Valentine’s Care Package from Guylty!

Naturally, after I had already taken my photo, yet more Valentine’s goodness arrived in a package from Ireland! Guylty, you’re amazing! Thornton’s Fabulous Fudge, a cucumber face mask (can’t wait to surprise the kids with my green face!), a heart-shaped candle holder, lotion and an unusually sexy post-card all bundled together in a clever handmade zipper bag which is a total shout-out (to the discerning, in-the-know eye) to Mr. A….  Gah! I LOVE IT! I The interior is lined with water-proof vinyl, really nice, and the exterior sports custom fabric… peaches, roses, chess piece kings, red dragon symbols, vinyl records (is that a nod to young Kenneth?) and of course, that unmistakable silhouette (with nape curls!). Thank you!!


v8And finally, although this came a little early for Valentine’s Day, for me it was truly inspiring.

Richard Armitage, filming Ocean’s Eight.

*fans self*

Seriously, if I saw him walking down the street, I’d admire from a distance. I really would.

But if I saw him walking Borzois down the street… I make no promises.

I mean, I’ve always had a major attraction to sighthounds.

And, Dayum.


I want some.

If this can’t make me wax poetic, nothing can. Well worth a little ode…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

















Limerick: Rat-Tail

rat tail 1

You can see it a little in this shot. Sigh. The damn thing is about 6 inches long.


Last year on this day, my young love pranked me

So this morning I returned that favor with glee

His reaction was volcanic

Quite a moment of panic

For a minute, I thought he might pee!


But first a little background: my child’s favorite claim to fame

Is something that brings me considerable shame

Remember the eighties?

And the hairstyles so shady?

Well, my son rocks a “rat-tail” that’s lame.


When he was two, I allowed my mother-in-law

To take charge of his haircuts, but she has one fatal flaw:

Her nostalgia is immense

And overrides her good sense

And Hubby’s hair, as a child, should’ve been outlawed.


Yes, unfortunately Hubby once had a rat-tail, too

Which she’s related with pleasure, a time or two

So though I wanted to shrivel

I had to be civil

Then my own child became attached to his fashion taboo!


How many times have I tried to plead?

“Let’s cut off that rat-tail! It’s not something you need!”

“I like it! No, LOVE it” says my stubborn boy

No matter the tactics I try to employ.

“No one else has one!” to which I concede.


Of course no one has one! They’ve gone out of style!

But I don’t want to be mean, so I have to just smile…

Though I’ve a plan up my sleeve

My goal I’ll achieve!

All thanks to my hairdresser’s wile.


When she heard about the rat-tail, my hairdresser shrieked!

“Aren’t you afraid other kids will call him a geek?!?

I never knew that from any of the pictures you post!”

Well of course not! It’s not something about which I boast!

Thankfully she came up with a solution that’s very unique!


I recently made her suggested proposition…

And tricked my child into a compassionate mission:

We’ve arranged a “donation”

For a poor hairless patient

It’s SO WRONG! But he agreed of his own volition!


In return for his gesture of goodwill for someone who’s bald

He gets a hairdo for summer that will have grandma appalled!

He wants to go punk rock

With a ruby red Mohawk!

Which I approved of, though Hubby’s not enthralled.


But back to this morning, and my April Fools joke

He was busy brushing his teeth and didn’t notice the slight poke…

I pinned up his rat-tail in his sister’s hair clip

Then took out some scissors and made a loud snip!

“Goodbye, old rat-tail!” I cheerfully spoke!


With a gasp, his hand flew to the back of his neck!

And feeling nothing there, he shouted “WHAT THE HECK!!?”

“I know it’s not summer yet,” I started to say

As he turned around frantically, totally betrayed!

“APRIL FOOLS!” was delivered with a fond peck! =)

















Limerick: One Year #RichardArmitage Blogiversary

One year ago today was my inaugural post

I’d just been to London and self-diagnosed

“Advanced Armitage Affliction”

A new kind of addiction

I was unrelentingly Richard Armitage- engrossed!


When I first started, I doubted it would last…

My passions bloom often, but tend to fade fast

What is it about Richard?

I still haven’t figured

Why it is that soooo many posts have amassed!


One hundred and fifty-plus posts I have written…

I guess it is obvious that I remain smitten

It’s been a blast

But what’s really unsurpassed

Are the new friends and the social network it’s given.


So thank you guys for reading and visiting this space…

It’s been rewarding and wonderful and can’t be replaced

I never imagined

When this blog was first fashioned

How many friends were out there in every far place!





Limerick: JHolland Update

Not much has been seen on the Preoccupied blog…

I’ve been on travel, then returned to a serious backlog!

Not an appointment slot free

Laundry waiting for me

The past few days have been quite the slog!


While I was gone, I’m happy to say

The Young Love celebrated a very special day!

After a couple of months of regrowth

On not one eyelid, but both

His eyelashes earned him an XBox to play!




Hubby taught his favorite duckling a trick that’s a lark:

He holds up a grasshopper, and the duck leaps like a shark

Hubby proudly dubbed him “Jaws”

As we all dutifully applause

As the duck snatches the treat in an exquisite arc!


Yesterday evening, we had quite the scare…

Mom called crying, and tearing at her hair!

The gate was unlatched

She thought her new puppy was snatched…

And she’d searched with no luck… Despair!


I dutifully posted pics on the local Lost/Found page

On Facebook and Craigslist, and offered my aid…

The news spread fast

Then Mom found her at last

In the yard cowering under bushes, of firecrackers afraid!


I caught up on the two Hannibal episodes I’d missed…

And was pleased by the drubbing Crawford  dealt with his fists!

Just 2 more episodes to go

Before Francis Dolarhyde shows

Can’t help but wonder if the poor ratings will persist!


So I’m glad to be back blogging, but one problem remains:

I don’t have much to blog about; writer’s block to blame!

I hope Richard’s killer debut

Might inspire me anew

So I can finally get back in the game!








Limerick: Deleted Tweets

When Armitage joined Twitter, many were amazed

But in the past 10 months, many eyebrows were raised

I debated writing a spoof

About the mysterious goof

As his patterns are becoming quite crazed!


Yes, it seems that Richard has developed a new sport:

He’ll tweet this or that, then spontaneously abort!

When a notification arrives

Better screen cap and archive

Because the duration of his post is frequently short!


As a matter of fact, I’ve lost track of the numbers

Cosplayers, remarks, and selfies have gone under

Only one thing is sure

His reasoning is obscure

But it stirs speculation about whether he’s blundered.


In fact if I spoofed this I’d be tempted to write

Words that might very well cause the fandom to fight

Because some will defend

Even the strangest of trends

Like Tweet-Delete-Repeat-Now-Pretend-It’s-Out-of-Sight!


Once in awhile, these deletions make sense…

(Or at least amongst ourselves, we try to convince)

This wasn’t yet official!

That might not be judicial!

Perhaps he thought it might cause someone offense…


Other times, though, I’m entirely unclear

Why this tweet or that should just poof! Disappear!

A recent handsome selfie with gorgeous blue eyes

Did stir some discussions, but mostly just sighs =)

And the explanation, aborted, was queer!


So what’s going on in that mind of yours, Richard?

These tweets are becoming harder to catch than a lizard!

Was it comments about a new botox-app?

Because if it exists, I’d download it and clap!

And Hannibal or not, I did like that picture!


Certainly many of RA’s Tweets have been long-lived and winning…

But at this point, the disappearances do have my head spinning

And the overall effect:

Speculation unchecked!

But maybe… all this commotion has Armitage grinning?









Limerick: Great #RichardArmitage Days

tumblr_noplv6zVVu1rdkqqyo3_500Yesterday started as one of those ho-hum days

With nothing much interesting to do or to say

Just another morning

Then, without warning

Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde entered the fray!


dolarhydeIt’s something we’ve waited and waited to see

Since another “Armitage Big Day” on January 13

That was when the words

“Red Dragon” were heard

A huge serial killer role starring none other than  “He”


Richard Armitage arrives in Toronto to begin filming "Hannibal" as the Tooth Fairy killerI, for one, rushed home and delved into the show

And was duly impressed with the entire tableau

Since I first saw the design

There’s been a tingle in my spine

As I’ve waited to tell Dolarhyde “Hello”




tumblr_norecu1l4r1qfdneyo2_r1_540Then yesterday Francis was suddenly there on my screen

A dark image, a tattoo, fully muscled and lean

Another shot of his hands

That affected my glands

And I may have just let out one little scream!




tumblr_noplv6zVVu1rdkqqyo1_500Soon screencaps and GIFs exploded across the net

One in particular my appetite did whet

What sinuous, serpentine motion is that?

The Red Dragon arching like a great feral cat.

I have an uncomfortable feeling… an attraction that feels like a threat.


irises7And then as if this weren’t enough feast for my eyes

Richard Armitage then Weibo’d yet another prize!

As if he felt China needed some love

He sent them an image like a manna from above

Our first glimpse of Knight Raymond, as impressive as Guy!



raymond1Yes surely this photo so shrouded in mist

Shows us a warrior too hot to resist

Shoulders so broad

Beard or stubble (Applaud!)

In a setting that puts me in mind of a tryst!





Image: 0069930978, License: Rights managed, 4th May 2010. Richard Armitage seen outside the London studios., Place: London,UK, Model Release: No or not aplicable, Credit line: profimedia.cz, Goff Photos

There are days in this fandom when we have such fun…

And yesterday, I think, was definitely one!

So consider me stimulated

These highs can’t be simulated

It feels like a lottery we’ve won!




Limerick: April Fools, Indeed!

It started when my young love asked to wear lipstick to school…

I stared at him, gaping, then he said “APRIL FOOLS!”

So right from the start

I thought I’d take part

… But it seems writer’s block has decided to rule.


Fortunately, other bloggers have not had this quandary:

And Richard was cast in a blockbuster rom-com quite promptly

But this news was indeed

Intended to mislead

An April Fools tradition we’ll remember quite fondly. =)


It was announced that RAPS, Inc. will no longer Shrine for RA!

Fans shocked to discover Skarsgård instead reassigned for display.

As if we would drool…

No matter how cool!

CEO Guylty has much to answer for this day!


Then Perry broke the news about Richard’s new starring role:

He’ll play neither a knight, nor a monk with bald skull.

She let it be known

He’d been cast as a stone!

Though a precious relic, this particular script may be dull.


On to the news that has puzzled quite a tally:

Guillermo Del Toro to direct the Hannibal finale!

Oops, nevermind!

Mistake! Let’s rewind…

Find something else about which to rally.


Then Richard’s exhortations to keep it classy on Twitter!

His desire understandable, but some will surely titter…

Remember Bombur was “horny”

And other sketchy posts so corny?

How can we trust RA as the Twitter Babysitter?


I thought about spoofing this Twitter situation…

But when I sat down to write, my skills went on vacation!

I was left with a gimmick:

You guessed it- a limerick!

Which I’ll post, but with much reservation.




Limerick: In Honor of #TheCrucibleOnScreen

It was 6:00 AM when the alarm clock sounded
I yawned, checked my phone, and was instantly astounded!
“The Old Vic’s The Crucible – coming soon”
Right there in my inbox, and I was over the moon!
The announcement we’ve longed for… I finally found it!

I’ve never jumped out of my bed quite so fast…
Or danced into the bathroom… Hubby aghast!
I simply must explode
Into limerick mode
To celebrate this news at long last!

It’s coming! It’s coming! On March Seventeen…
The Crucible! John Proctor! The wash basin scene!
Just kidding, #onlyjoking
(I know that’s provoking)
I’m just overwhelmed to soon see this onscreen!

The news is everywhere now, on social media galore
Facebook and Twitter; Forums, Blogs and more
Is Digital Theatre prepared
Will servers crash when it’s aired?
Has an entire Army ever downloaded before?

I’d like to thank Digital Theatre and The Old Vic
For making it possible, with simply a click
For thousands to experience
Yael and Richard’s brilliance
And for providing me with such a fine morning kick!

Richard Armitage as John Proctor is well worth the wait…
My pleasure is heartfelt, and will not abate.
What a Day! What a Friday! We’ve waited so long!
I feel like dancing, singing, and ringing a gong…
Even knowing, as I do, that this play… devastates.









Limerick: Richard Armitage Savings Fund


Like many others, I made a New Years resolution
I had a problem that needed a solution
With my “preoccupied” status
Showing no hiatus
I decided my funds needed redistribution.

The idea to start a Richard Armitage savings account
Came to me when I saw the final amount
My abrupt trip to London
Was not easily funded
But this problem in future I hope to surmount.

When Armitage announced he’d collaborate with Yael again
I knew myself well enough to know I’d never refrain
Seeing RA in live action
Is an irresistible attraction
But a huge chunk of money makes the Hubby complain!

That problem I’ve solved, and now Hubby is cool
Just a little from each paycheck, will be my new rule
My fund slowly grows
As I save for those shows
And scheme about travelling to admire and drool!