Blog Introspection Challenge 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6





blog-intro-challengeWell, we’re back from our water park adventure! (Sheesh… nothing like a vacation to stress you out… young love’s eye relapsed with one herpes blister but luckily a timely intervention with antiviral medication put a quick stop to it, and little sister slipped on the steps in the kiddie pool and split her chin open, requiring 3 stitches! We still had a blast though, with both kids requesting a return next weekend. LOL- nope!)



* * *

So I’m back to blogging Richard Armitage and re-commencing blogger omphaloskepsis as per Guylty’s directives.

Exactly That

Preoccupied. With Him.

2. The significance of your blog’s name:

I think it’s self-explanatory. I’m a bit preoccupied with Richard Armitage. I wanted the title of the blog to reflect my situation. =)





forgive me

I guess every blogger has her little idiosyncracies.

3. What’s your (usual) blogging process?

Well, I generally just start typing whatever it is I have to say. I’ll compose words first, then usually find or create images to illustrate or entertain, and enter them to the left or right of the text, most often paying little attention to the original source of the image and failing to cite sources (bad blogger!) I sometimes like to go back and put a few phrases in bold, and I don’t know why I do that exactly and hope it doesn’t annoy the crap out of the audience. Then I preview the post, which is where I seem better able to catch any errors or typos I may have made. Most often I publish right after that, though a couple of times I’ve written something in advance and published it on a certain day, such as when I published our love story as a sort of tribute to Hubby on our 13 year anniversary.

4. What’s your favorite post?

Armitage Dogs

The Russian Asset and Richard’s Fluffy Puff

OK, I’m going to have to give two. So for 2014 it was my super ridiculous dream when Richard Armitage (or was it Lucas North?) arrived at my vet office ready to adopt a dog. The dream was pretty fantastic and the write-up was both funny and popular, drawing a lot of fun comments. I have published several dreams and I assure you they were all real dreams that I have had, despite certain commentators nudging me to just make them up if they don’t come naturally. I’ve had a real dry spell lately and that’s too bad, but maybe we’ll have something frightful coming when Dolarhyde enters the subconscious arena. Not sure whether to hope for that or not. =)


I *think* this edit was by thranduilea. Makes me giggle every time.

For 2015 I would have to say it was my Nipplegate Spoof, which was also utterly ridiculous (seems to be a pattern here!) and has been viewed a laughable number of times by me, myself and I whenever I need a good chuckle. I think I’ve written three spoofs and enjoyed each of my absurdities more than the last. So as soon as a new spoof-worthy situation arises, I’m looking forward to more.






My most-clicked image. Can’t figure out why….

5. Which Post Got The Most Views?

This one’s easy, and not unlike Perry’s situation, it wasn’t anything that took a lot of effort on my part. It was when images of shirtless John Proctor hit social media, and I posted my edit of those photos in my Damn! Another Spontaneous Ovarian Combustion update. This post is easily the most viewed, ladies. Now, it may be in part to Servetus having re-blogged it, but the thing is, it gets views on a daily basis and it’s high enough in the google image search ratings that my blog almost got outed the day my surgery tech was showing me encouraging images during a real endurance challenge in the surgical suite. LOL.

100 Armitage Photos4

Yep. This one continues to give. I won’t specify what.

6. Which post continues to give?

Well, if this question means which post brings the most traffic, it’s the Spontaneous Ovarian Combustion post above. If it means which post brings me the most pleasure, it’s probably my spoofs because like I said, I myself revisit those on a regular basis. I also enjoy my own Not Quite 100 Armitage images post, which provides a lot of eye-candy when I need a boost.


* * *

So there you have it. Knocked out several questions today and maybe caught up with a few of the other Armitage bloggers who have been participating. Thanks again, Guylty, for livening up the blogosphere and inspiring all of us to navel-gaze!

Hubby Googled Preoccupied With Armitage

So last night, profoundly tickled by my own new Giffing skills, I proudly showed Hubby my new GIFs, and he was of course very impressed… if not with my GIFs, then at least with my determination to tackle a new, somewhat technically demanding (if you’re *me*) project. We got to talking about the blog, the blog stats, the search terms that I know of, etc. Hubby said he still hadn’t really visited on his own time to see what I’ve been up to, and I must admit, that bothered me a bit. Nevermind that I kept it a secret for the first few months and then accidentally outed myself

Beg Pardon

I guess now that the cat’s out of the bag, I expected he might show at least a little interest in what I’ve been up to, but apparently not. I didn’t know whether he just really has no interest in the topic of Richard, or whether maybe he actually has some level of displeasure/jealousy/irritation etc. I suppose my tone of voice, or perhaps my indignant facial expression, must have cued him, because he quickly added that he didn’t know if he was “allowed” to look at the blog.

Screenshot1I told him to basically enter at his own risk, or not, and I fear I may have come across as a bit petulant, because with a raised eyebrow, he typed in “preoccupied with armitage” into his phone google app, and saw this: ——->

Yeah, so somehow or other, Ladies, the top suggestion seems to be the tag “Shirtless Richard Armitage” (I can’t imagine why…) and when you click on it, it leads here. Yes, that tag is on some all of my top-viewed posts. I immediately began to regret my peevish tone.

“Just what kind of blog are you running?” he asked mildly.

“That… ah… that does look a bit shady.” (Gulp!)

Believe So

But Hubby clicked on “Shirtless Richard Armitage” and read the top post, which involved some shenanigans in the surgical suite. And as he read the post, and viewed the many lovely examples of Richard’s manly chest, that eyebrow went a bit lot higher.


Bad Idea

When he finished reading that, he commented to the effect that me, myself and my surgery tech are a lethal combination, and should no longer be unchaperoned together in the surgical suite. Then he saw my trepidation, he reassured me that this came as no surprise. “You forget I’ve seen your fridge.”


At any rate, now Hubby knows just what kind of blog I’m running.

Just what kind of tags I’m tagging.

Let the ribbing begin. LOL

Busted! I Busted Myself, Actually…


Love it when Hubby gives me the raised eyebrow… I get it a lot.

So the last two mornings, I was a bit disconcerted to see my WordPress stats page open in the browser, when I knew that I had closed all those blogging-related windows the night before. Hubby always gets up and around before I do in the mornings, and he enjoys a bit of computer time while he eats breakfast and has his coffee.

As some of you may know, Hubby has been blithely unaware of my blogging activities up until now. I haven’t told him specifically that I was blogging about Richard, and he’s assumed my activity was all on forums. I do read aloud my spoofs and dreams, but he didn’t know that was blogged material. It’s not that I’ve really tried to hide it from him. No browser history deleted, no blogging in incognito mode… but he’s just not naturally a snooper (like me) and he probably hears enough about Richard Armitage that he doesn’t seek out any Richard-related material that he knows I look at on my own time.

Anyway, back to this morning. After finding for the second day in a row that the WordPress Stats window was up, I figured the game was over. So when we passed each other on the highway as he was returning from dropping the kids off and I was heading out to work… I called him.

* * *

“I… ah… saw you found my WordPress stats!”

Silence. Then, “Your what?”

“My WordPress blog stats. You opened that window two days in a row.”

“I’m confused. What stats?”

“Oh. Well, there was a window open that I know I closed, and I thought you were looking at it.”

“What stats?”

“Nothing. Never you mind.”

“Now I’m curious. The browser restarted in the middle of the night and I ok’d it to start up the last browsing session. That’s all. What stats were these?”

“Well, crap. It doesn’t matter. You haven’t noticed anything up until now, but I thought you had. My bad!”

Silence. Then, “You know I’m dying to find out what you’re talking about, and I’m almost home.”

“My blog stats.”

“You have a blog now? Oh, is it that ‘Me and Richard’ blog? Are you famous or something?”

“No! No, that’s not my blog. I’m ‘Preoccupied with Armitage’ and I’m not at all famous.”

“Oh, I have seen that. That was you? I want to read it.”

“That’s really not necessary. Besides, I’ve read you my spoofs and my dreams already.”

“Your dreams are scarily detailed.”


“Can I read it?”

“Hubby is almost as big of a tag as Richard Armitage. But you really don’t need to read it.”

“You don’t want me to read it?”

“I sometimes write limericks. I started it because I can’t say everything I want to say on forums. The moderators.”

“I’ll have to think of a punishment for you, now.”

“Yes, I suppose so.”


I’m told this one has six strings, and frets. I highly doubt I would have noticed. His fretless has the same shape, and the same type and color of wood grain. What fun he could have had on his forum…

“I might have to get a new bass.”

“You already have two basses.”

“It’ll be here tomorrow. Just to the music store… I want to check it out before I buy it.”

“Oh. When were you planning to tell me? Or were you just gonna get it and bank on me not noticing? Likely outcome.”

“I thought I’d just put it on the stand and see how long it took you to notice. There’s a big thread on TalkBass about how to hide basses from wives and I wanted to write about hiding one in plain sight.”

“Well, go for it. Don’t tell me if you end up with it, and we’ll see.”

“No. Too late for that now.”

“I know the feeling.”

* * *

Wonder if I’ll have a new commentator on the blog soon?