Limerick: Incredible Hashtags

It’s been a little over 2 months, and more than 200 tweets
Some of them funny, some serious, some sweet
“Guess what day it is today?”
Eyes widened as we shouted “Armitage? No Way!”
Reverberations worldwide as fans fell from their seats!

He called for “a table for 9000, then” after dropping his bomb
How many joined Twitter, myself included? (#facepalm)
It might have been fake
This request for bigger cake
But the prospect made it impossible to Keep Calm!

I particularly loved that early Twitter tease:
“I’ll tweet again next year” caused me to freeze!
Then came #onlyjoking
That RA’s so provoking!
But his hashtags are quite the bee’s knees.

His retweets were enlightening- he’s an actual dork!
(This was later confirmed when he selfied with pork.)
My shudder was involuntary
When he shared “Proctor’s Apothecary”
With a green concoction I’d hate to uncork.

Soon Richard Armitage revealed a contest he’d hatched:
To disguise his “Proctarian1692SalemiteFacialThatch”
His #periodweirdbeard needed our help
That #chinrugdesignidea made everyone yelp
And pork-free alternatives were promptly dispatched!

Richard’s next competition was really neat too:
“What Not to Wear 1692”
(With Digital Theater in the house
He didn’t want anyone dressed like a louse)
More Armitage humor was shining through!

He Approved Not of shopping on The Crucible front row
And joked Mamma Mia would be his next show
Apologized to Kristin as he confessed
#Therebeenafarmerinere, made a dressing room mess
(It looked more like a rock band than any farmer I know!)

One week after John Proctor took his final bow
Bearded ladies tweeted selfies (and caused quite a row)
Richard responded with a beard cartoon
#Youknowwhatimsayin his response to buffoons
(Actually, Richard, we don’t… but it was funny anyhow!)

Right after that came scatological humor galore:
Thorin #takingaloadoff #nobathroomprivacyinerebor
Some Dwarvish Tourette’s
(Maybe battle cries or threats?)
Puzzled even Tolkien experts, forevermore.

For his Sleepwalker project a dark figure loomed
His form in the firelight an unmistakable boon
Richard responded #Hehasathirdleg!
Then tweeted a selfie after enough admirers begged
It stole my breath and my whole day was consumed.

I think the next gambit was the big reveal:
Hobbit posters “fake” caused everyone to reel!
#Vegetablewarriors, Richard insisted
His “Elf Alpha” joke could not be resisted
(These sleep-deprived tweets are unreal.)

One shocking tweet certainly startled us all…
“Bomber is hungry…and Horny!!!” I recall
At first it made no sense
Then came Bombur’s horn so immense
Richard’s humor is so off-the-wall!

He delivers on Twitter and he’s such a scamp!
His comments and tweets have his own unique stamp
I hope to see more
He’s never a bore
Who’d have guessed @RCArmitage would be Hashtag Champ?

Preoccupied with Sleepwalker – RAndom musings

I should totally be writing up an AAHA protocol for what will happen if there is a dispute of ownership over a pet, and one of the clients is overseas while the other client is in prison, and the only way anyone can reach either client is via a third-party who is underage and only available on social media, but…

I’m obsessing over Sleepwalker, instead!

(Just kidding- these endless AAHA protocols are on the ridiculous side, but not quite that far out!)

Thanks to The Anglophile Channel’s timely scoop as well as further clues to be gleaned from the audition videos of cast member Izabella Scorupcos (I’ve forgotten who posted it first, but fantastic work, whoever you are!)… I have been compiling a list of my musings! I thought I’d post them here, so I can come back and compare what actually happens with what my feverish imaginings are at the moment.

So, assuming the information we have doesn’t change, and in no particular order, and maybe having minor spoilers, and purely speculatively:

  • Richard Armitage plays a doctor! Dr. Scott White (This works for me on so many levels!)
  • Specifically a mind doctor, probably well-established and well-respected, if he is head of department.
  • This leads me to believe the character is an intellectual, mature, possible nerdy (?) and supposedly sympathetic. (Please let him wear glasses at least part of the time. Please?)
  • Dr. White has done his due diligence, having already reviewed the case file on Sarah Wells (played by RA’s beautiful, talented and smart Ahna O’Reilly) and concluded her sleepwalking episodes are “grief” related.
  • Is Dr. White possibly a bit distRActed? In an absent-minded professor kind of way? His watch has stopped. Or do strange things just happen with time in this sleep clinic?
  • Is Dr. White, like Sarah Wells, working through his own issues, his own grief? (Sounds right up Richard’s alley, if that’s the case. Brood, baby, brood!)
  • He apparently has some sort of relationship with the other doctor, played by Izabella Scorupcos… she suggests it would be therapeutic for him to involve himself with Sarah’s case, a case revolving around grief. And she has her hair down when she talks to him. Do the doctors have history, as friends, as colleagues, as lovers? (More nuances for Richard to plumb!)
  • Dr. White may have a romantic interest! (?) Sarah is fragile, also presumably an intellectual, if she’s working on a dissertation…
  • Is there already history between Scott and Sarah? If he’s the man she’s dreamed of all her life- is this literally- has he been in her dreams, have they met long ago, or is this just a euphemism for a handsome, sympathetic, intelligent man?
  • We’re told Scott and Sarah enter a “unique relationship”…. very intriguing… just what exactly is a unique relationship? Is it a doctor/patient relationship that crosses accepted boundaries, or just stays on the verge, with sensually charged atmosphere when they are together?
  • We are promised twists– suggests – Dr. White might be playing mind games! (It is billed as a thriller)- or, he could be involved Sarah’s husband’s death!- or, he could be innocently wrapped up in it, possibly be a victim too, possibly by the female doctor colleague!?- or, Sarah could be the crazy one, maybe her husband’s death was not a suicide but her alter ego was responsible and Dr. White is the next target…. (Remember, I’m coming back to this after the movie has premiered, and I’ll see if any of these guesses are correct! =)
  • And, because I can’t ever resist a good beard speculation: Dr. White either has a beard (and glasses, please?)- or, they haven’t yet decided/ but wanted to see how he looks on set/in costume in a beard- or, he will have a beard in part of the movie (flashbacks, early on and shaves later or vice versa)- or, Richard Armitage just prefers to travel with beard and the beard was gone as soon as he started filming.