GIFFING Richard Armitage… Yahoo TV Interview GOLD!

yahoo1Was anyone else just completely charmed by the playfully expressive and cheerful Richard Armitage we saw on the Yahoo TV video the other day?

I did enjoy the verbal content, to be sure… but it was really the sight of Mr. Armitage in his sexy leather jacket, with collar askew and hair just a bit disheveled that really made an impression…





yahoo2He’s adorable! Yet I couldn’t help but giggle at the gifs as they emerged.

I really have to say that, while his answers were intelligent and showed no indication of a loss of mental acuity, he looks, well, just a bit tipsy at times.



yahoo3No, thank you, Mr. Armitage. For brightening my day with your demonstrative eyebrows, your forehead crinkles, and your bright eyes. 




yahoo4Just… too cute for words.



What’s in that drink, anyway? *snickers*



yahoo5Awwwww. Such an attentive listener.



But it’s the start of the answer that makes me giggle out loud. OMG.





yahoo6Great question, Paris. Who knew he’d self-identify as House of Slytherin?


And with such a charming and conspiratorial air. =)






yahoo7Yep. He’s a-Slither’N.









yahoo8I think I may have missed his answer. I was a little preoccupied with the four lovely thumb strokes.

And that neck.

Oh, God. With all of him.



yahoo9But these facial expressions! Seriously, this interview hit paydirt! Here we have kissable lips, wild astonishment, manly arm-crossing, then a brief flash of tongue… Hot Damn!

Ovarian overload. Seriously.



yahoo10How engaged was he? I literally want to just… jump him. In a good way.


Oh, don’t look so shocked, Mr. Armitage.  LOL



yahoo11And finally, could we please present him with colorful wheels of live stream fortune on a regular basis?


Because that’s just Richard Armitage GOLD.

Giffing Berlin Station, or… PreoccupiedOnceAgain?

Confession: I have not been overly PreoccupiedWithArmitage for months. Now, that’s not to say that I didn’t jump in and arrange to see Love, Love, Love before Love, Love, Love was even guaranteed… or that I didn’t immediately follow Richard when he made the jumps to Instagram and Facebook… and it’s not to say that I don’t still keep tabs on the Richarding world… but as anyone checking the blog this summer can attest, I just haven’t had any bloggerly motivation. Granted, it’s been a busy summer at work and I continue to spend much of my free time in the quilting room… but I really haven’t wanted or needed to express myself here in this space for quite some time.  I have hopes, at least, that my flagging fandom energy will be revived shortly, between Berlin Station airing in a couple of months, and Richard’s performances off Broadway starting even sooner than that!


BS interview hands

There is some nice thumb action here.

Today I got around to watching the new promotional material for Berlin Station, and I was struck with what has become, lately, an unusual urge: to have a closer look and really study the man himself, and the man as Daniel Miller’s character. I really liked what I saw, and decided to put some of it on continuous loop… but sadly, it had been so long since I used my Giffing Tool, that I opened it up, captured some Richard… and then couldn’t remember even the first thing about how to edit it! After fumbling around for several fruitless minutes, I resorted to YouTube to relearn the giffing process… and I hope you enjoy the results. =)



BS calculations

So yeah… I experienced my first *ooof* after many months of no *ooofs* right here.

So the first thing that really made me sit up and take notice while watching the promotional footage was this shot. I absolutely love everything about it. I love the collar of his coat- he looks like a proper spy, here. I love the shadow of his cheek and jawline as he turns, and while I’m at it, I love the length of that sideburn! But what struck me the most was the moment of calculation on his face, the small furrow in his brow as he processes something, and seems to draw his breath, blinking. Moments like these are what I love most about Richard’s acting.



BS lips

And when I replayed it, damned if another *ooof* didn’t magically happen!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Because the opening footage was actually rather breathtaking as well. Oh, how the light just barley glimmers on that fantastic mouth. And his nose, in all its profile glory, is also thrown into beautiful relief by the lighting. Last but not least… we have the briefest glimpse of Daniel’s downcast eye for a quick, but thorough, eyelashgasm.



BS blink

And the eyelashgasms keep coming…

BS danial turns

I like how the light briefly illuminates the tendons in his elegant hand.

And a couple more… because once I got started, it was hard to stop giffing.




BS climbI almost mistook this for Francis Dolarhyde. Maybe it’s the black gloves, or the fact that he’s rising out of a crouch as he steps onto the rooftop. Or maybe just the focused, almost sinister determination on his face.



BS paranoiaAnd that impression (along with another eyelashgasm) was only reinforced here. Because he seems to be skulking in a corridor, and he has a touch of paranoia in his eyes.



BS shrug and smileBut right here… this is no Francis Dolarhyde. More of a Lucas North vibe… a strong and charming one. I LOVE the little  quirk of his head as he shrugs. And I hope we’ll see more of those slightly conspiratorial smiles. Dayum.



BS smile1Speaking of smiles… here’s a bit of a lopsided smile as he hands her his ID. It was dark, so I lightened it to better see that dimple in action. Though I hate that the giffing tool only has one setting for the lightening effect.



BS startledAnd another one that I lightened. Just to see the smile again, and have a closer look at the funny startled face when Daniel is grabbed. Giffing is really rewarding sometimes.



BS crouchingAnd here was another rewarding moment. I guess I didn’t expect Daniel Miller to crouch behind another person’s back when shit starts to go down! But I suppose we were told he was more of an analyst. LOL




BS bike riderMake that a bike-riding analyst.




BS stridingStride 1But he certainly has some mojo in this shot. There’s that characteristic manly stride that I love so well. Reminds me just a bit of Thornton. With different sideburns, of course. But the stern intensity is there.




And that about wraps up my post for August! I really did enjoy getting back into the swing of actively Richarding… and we can hope that there is plenty more to come!


Blog Introspection Challenge #13, 14, 15… Wrapped!

blog-intro-challengeQuick announcement before I whip out these last 3 questions… I’ll be travelling with Mom and Little Sister for the next week. Heading to Colorado for a wedding and some time with the extended family. Ready to take a break from this hot weather and enjoy the mountains! I’ll have my laptop, but don’t know how much time I’ll have for Richarding.

I’ll probably find some time. LOL.




Wasn't Expecting13. What have you learned from blogging?

Um…. I’ve learned a few unexpected tricks, like making GIFs.

Does that count?

14. Your plans for your blogging future? 

I plan to continue for as long as Richard Armitage interests me. So hopefully there will be my reactions to some of his upcoming projects, and maybe my reactions to some of the as-yet-unwatched older projects I have on my shelves. I’d like to do more creative writing. That means more spoofs, maybe write some chronicles of some of the funny, touching or interesting things that happen in my real life. The occasional limerick. Bear with me. LOL

15. Any blogging role models?

There are several bloggers I really admire, but no one I would exactly call a role model. We certainly have, in the Armitage blogging community, some fearless bloggers, some highly intellectual bloggers, some warm and funny bloggers… it’s all good. I’m glad to be a part of the community.


Giffing #RichardArmitage as Chop on a Sunday Afternoon


The man has moves. And I love the scruffy look of him.

The disappeared and AMAZING new trailer for Urban and The Shed Crew is back! EDIT: it disappeared again! Never fear, Guillermina Rivas has kindly provided a link on her Mediafire page! (And Perry needed a Dancing GIF.) So, not wanting to take the chance that the trailer disappears again, I went ahead and Giffed the entire thing, or just about every clip that showed Richard Armitage in the role of Chop. Let me just say, the process of Giffing this made me incredibly eager for the movie, which looks like it will have a little bit of everything in it!



I particularly like the glint of amusement in his eyes here.


That is one tall, scruffy, sexy man…

Yeah, we have casual moments showing Chop sharing pizza with Urban and The Shed Crew, or walking the railroad tracks at night with the gang….





Never thought I’d see that.

Getting his “kid” on in an inflatable jump house…








Chop opens the door to Urban.


Chop slams the door on Urban.

To glimpses of the ups and downs in Chop’s relationship with Urban….






It appears he does like dogs!

To Chop driving along, laughing and loving on a dog. I haven’t read the book (though I have it and am probably about to delve in, having seen these images!) so I don’t know whose dog it is.





Chop and Urban appear to be camping out under the stars…


Chop and Urban appear to be playing a board game…

We have glimpses of Chop and Urban spending time with each other both indoors and outdoors….







And images of them definitely getting into some trouble together. (Love this one!)





Richard can’t avoid a water scene, can he?


That sure looks like the kid on the left was grinning…

Did I mention they seem to get into a lot of trouble together? Because there were a number of scenes that looked like trouble!





Yeah, I’d not resist this look…

There were also a few moments that the Preoccupied in me just had to appreciate… with the moment shown here almost as sexy as the GIF at the top of the page of the dancing scene. =)







What is that? A bespectacled cat?


And what is that? Because it looks a lot like a joint….

It also looks like we may have a few moments of humor…






Some kind of protest. And may I just say he looks fierce as hell here?

Along with plenty of drama and social commentary…








Not having read the book, not sure who Chop has discovered on the floor being sick…


Again, not sure what’s happening here, but it looks like she’s in trouble.

As well as moments of a more interpersonal drama…









This makes me tear up even not knowing what’s happened.

And that includes a heart-wrenching moment when Chop breaks down and cries. This one breaks my heart.






Chop gets bitch-slapped.


Violence, yes… passion? Not sure…

Yes, plenty of drama, and more than one woman involved. I definitely need to read that book to get an idea of what’s going on here.




Right at the end, only two frames, but heart-stopping.

And this look, on Chop’s face, just about did me in.

Looks like Urban and The Shed Crew will have all the elements, and I can’t wait until I have the opportunity to see it. I hope that will be sometime in 2015, but whatever the case, it looks like it will be worth the wait.




















Hubby Googled Preoccupied With Armitage

So last night, profoundly tickled by my own new Giffing skills, I proudly showed Hubby my new GIFs, and he was of course very impressed… if not with my GIFs, then at least with my determination to tackle a new, somewhat technically demanding (if you’re *me*) project. We got to talking about the blog, the blog stats, the search terms that I know of, etc. Hubby said he still hadn’t really visited on his own time to see what I’ve been up to, and I must admit, that bothered me a bit. Nevermind that I kept it a secret for the first few months and then accidentally outed myself

Beg Pardon

I guess now that the cat’s out of the bag, I expected he might show at least a little interest in what I’ve been up to, but apparently not. I didn’t know whether he just really has no interest in the topic of Richard, or whether maybe he actually has some level of displeasure/jealousy/irritation etc. I suppose my tone of voice, or perhaps my indignant facial expression, must have cued him, because he quickly added that he didn’t know if he was “allowed” to look at the blog.

Screenshot1I told him to basically enter at his own risk, or not, and I fear I may have come across as a bit petulant, because with a raised eyebrow, he typed in “preoccupied with armitage” into his phone google app, and saw this: ——->

Yeah, so somehow or other, Ladies, the top suggestion seems to be the tag “Shirtless Richard Armitage” (I can’t imagine why…) and when you click on it, it leads here. Yes, that tag is on some all of my top-viewed posts. I immediately began to regret my peevish tone.

“Just what kind of blog are you running?” he asked mildly.

“That… ah… that does look a bit shady.” (Gulp!)

Believe So

But Hubby clicked on “Shirtless Richard Armitage” and read the top post, which involved some shenanigans in the surgical suite. And as he read the post, and viewed the many lovely examples of Richard’s manly chest, that eyebrow went a bit lot higher.


Bad Idea

When he finished reading that, he commented to the effect that me, myself and my surgery tech are a lethal combination, and should no longer be unchaperoned together in the surgical suite. Then he saw my trepidation, he reassured me that this came as no surprise. “You forget I’ve seen your fridge.”


At any rate, now Hubby knows just what kind of blog I’m running.

Just what kind of tags I’m tagging.

Let the ribbing begin. LOL

Getting Giffy With It


I’ve… ah… been making a few GIFs…

Oh There Are Others

Ah… yes.

Um, once I started, I couldn’t seem to stop!


I said I couldn’t stop!

They’re almost becoming….


Yes. Something like that….

Yeah, so I downloaded this cool tool. It’s called the “Giffing Tool” and if you don’t want the free one (with watermarks), you pay. But you just pay what you want to pay. I didn’t see if they would accept $0, but paid a nominal fee via PayPal, and now I’m getting Giffy. Once it downloads and you save it to your folder, you can use it to basically crop out any area on your monitor. I’ve tried YouTube (Crucible Trailer), Netflix (North and South, Robinhood and Vicar of Dibley), and even a DVD (Strike Back). It works on all of them! Allows you to add text, turn it greyscale, or lighten it.

Pretty easy, once I got the hang of it….


Well, yeah. The first one took about an hour. But each successive GIF got faster after that!

I feel like I’ve entered a new phase of my PreoccupationWithArmitage….

I’ve entered the GIF zone. =)