SpReAd the Love Book Challenge: The Day the Crayons Quit, by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers


The Day the Crayons Quit, written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. Image from oliverjeffers.com

For the SpReAd the Love Book Challenge, I chose to review and donate one of my kids’ favorite books, and one that Hubby and I enjoyed for its creative perspective- how do the crayons REALLY feel?

The book begins when young Duncan, intending to do his daily coloring, goes to get his crayons, and instead finds a stack of letters addressed to him, written by the crayons themselves. It seems the crayons have grievances, and have decided to air them before any coloring can proceed.

Each page then goes on to show one of the letters, written in the crayon’s own color, and an image on the opposite page depicting the situation faced by the crayon. My young love got a real kick out of this book, and said that it’s funny because even though crayons can’t talk, they can write! This is actually a valuable lesson in itself, and one we began to see not long after the young love began learning to write, and having grievances of his own. I’ll never forget the time he got mad at Mom, and sat down and wrote a letter to his Daddy, basically to tattle on his Grandma Dee. (He’d torn up his little sister’s drawing, and Grandma Dee had in turn torn up one of his drawings, to show him how that made his sister feel… infuriated, he sat down with a new sheet of paper and detailed Grandma Dee’s crime, modeling his letter after the crayon’s letters, and it was one of the cutest things I ever saw.)

Red Crayon is feeling overworked, and points out to Duncan that it even has to work on holidays, coloring red Santas on Christmas, and red hearts on Valentine’s Day. Purple Crayon has OCD, and warns Duncan to start coloring inside the lines, or else! Beige Crayon is proud to be beige, but feels under-utilized and is tired of being called “light brown”… you get the idea. Why is Grey Crayon so fatigued? Why is White Crayon feeling “empty” and Black Crayon sick to death of only outlining for all the other colors? Why are Yellow Crayon and Orange Crayon no longer speaking to each other? And how will Duncan manage to solve the problem and convince his crayons to come back to work?

peach1I think my favorites are the crayons whose grievances are so true to real life… I don’t know why, but I’ve seen my share of Peach Crayons who’ve lost their wrappers… why?? Are peach wrappers just always a little looser than average? Peach Crayon is feeling naked, and too embarrassed to leave the box! And the continually used Blue Crayon in our own box of crayons is, indeed, more stubby than all the rest. =)

This is a cute book, and it had our kids giggling and eager to color. I’ve ordered a copy from Amazon and had it shipped to the Children’s Hospital.

Limerick: Richard’s Socks

socks1Seeing as how we watch Richard like hawks…
It would be hard not to notice he’s been wearing wild socks!
The past several days
He’s been drawing my gaze
Down to the socks that he rocks!

RA’s fashion choices have long interested me…
This is not the first little flourish to see.
These socks are quirky
But also quite perky
And I look forward to more wardrobe oddities.

I’ve lost track of the order of the wild socks I’ve seen:
Purple, magenta – they’re sure not routine!
Some were unique
But today’s made me freak
I guess argyle’s just not my scene. =)

I’ve seen him in shoes with no socks at all…
But when he does wear them, they’re off the wall!
Maybe argyle
Is back in style
Were the other passengers amused or appalled?

I guess that Armitage thinks socks are great:
He said socks for Christmas are nothing to hate!
I hope he’s prepared
If not he’ll be scared
For crazy socks will soon arrive by the crate!

Then everyone who sent socks, will be eager to see…
If he chose to wear theirs, and if he does, they will squee!
Unless he has deep sock drawers
He’ll probably donate scores
Of weird, wild socks to those in need!

Can you imagine, what the downtrodden will think…
When they find socks of all colors, from lime green to pink?
It’s sure to bring smiles
Even the argyles
And that makes me want to celebrate with a drink!

Since I don’t think Richard really needs my help
Stockpiling socks that make my senses yelp
I’ll Spread the Love
Donating socks and gloves
Which I’m convinced that he’d like just as well. =)


Revelation: Not Overly Preoccupied

Yeah, so I had an epiphany yesterday, which was my first full day back to normal life after a 4-day, 4-night stint at Children’s Hospital with my young love…. I am Not Really All That Preoccupied With Armitage at the moment. Kind of a welcome change after the past seven months.

I can’t say I never thought about Richard Armitage at all while we were there. That would be asking a little much. I did think about trying for a hospital room selfie watching North and South, but I just wasn’t feeling it. You’d think that N&S would be some kind of comforting tonic I could have used, but apparently not. Maybe I didn’t want to have any negative association with it? Hmmm. I saw a new Richard Selfie on Twitter, and mused about the reappearance of The Beard. Is he gearing up for that video game movie, maybe? I saw a couple of posts on Facebook involving cute manips of Armitage characters in cappuccino art, and then realized that there was some kind of controversy there. (Really, people? Kind of hard to care about fandom brouhahas when you’re concerned whether your child’s eye is going to develop a corneal HSV-1 lesion, you’ve listened to a Code Blue called over the paging system at a Children’s Hospital, and you’ve watched a toddler with chemotherapy hair ride past you in a wheel chair.)


The Young Love was super interested in the workings of this portable ophthalmology mega-scope!

This is not intended to be a downer post. And I’m fairly sure that I’ll be getting back into the swing of the Richarding Life soon. When I get caught up on laundry, housework, patients at work, and most of all, Sleep. (My own bed- how I do love thee. May need to burst forth in Limerick Mode with an Ode to my bed at home!)

I do want to say Thank You So Much, those of you who sent words of encouragement through comments, e-mail, Facebook posts, and forum messages. I had several very low moments, and these kindnesses were so encouraging to me. Chalk up several for the SpReAd the Love Campaign =). For those of you interested, the kiddo’s eye itself is fine- thanks to timely intervention with IV antivirals, it never developed a corneal viral lesion- and the eyelid lesions are now resolving very nicely. He now looks like a child with a scraped up eyelid and a nice shiner. Hopefully nobody seeing us out and about will conclude we punched his lights out. =)


Looks like an IMAX Date Night on opening weekend for BOFA.

And, since I was glued to my kid’s hospital bed, my Hubby made a really sweet gesture as well… he stopped by the IMAX on his way home from the hospital last Friday, and messaged me this picture to boost the spirits. Not quite opening night, but close enough to suit me. He knows me well!

I wonder if there is a lot of catching up to do, Richardwise. It’s creeping in at the edges, that preoccupation, but it’s in the background at the moment, and I’m not averse to keeping it there for a while. Right now I’m counting my blessings and grateful to be off the constant BlisterWatch that’s been my obsession for the past 6 days. Life is good.