Just Concluded The Crucible Family Night

Whew- busy week! I’ve been avoiding blogging for a week now, trying to be a responsible adult, catching up on dictating my charts at work, chasing documents for the accountant, arranging and rearranging my latest quilt on the design wall, sheltering from Oklahoma tornadoes, enduring power outages, and running the kids here, there and everywhere… but I thought I’d share a quick update on the Armitage-related doings.

Confirming what we all already knew, I did spend another small fortune in pursuit of my Richarding interests. After finding out that I couldn’t satisfactorily watch The Crucible on my large screen TV in any other way… even if I timed it well and did use the Samsung SmartTV DT app for my measly 48 hour window, unfortunately the quality of our wireless out here in the boondocks would not allow streaming to the TV without crap quality and ridiculous buffering… so I opted to invest in the laptop. Hubby didn’t ask the price, just asked that I not inquire about any new bass guitar that might appear in the near future.

As if I were the type to even notice a new bass guitar! He finally broke down and asked if I’d seen his new bass several weeks ago, the one he’d hinted about hiding in plain sight when I outed myself about the blog, and the answer was “Oh, you did buy that bass? Where is it?” (It was on the bass stand in the craft/music room we share, and I’d been in that room piecing my latest quilt for 2 weeks without ever catching on, even when he was in the room, practicing on the damn thing… my bad!)

So, yes… I’m the proud owner of a new MacBook Pro, and I have to say, I love it. It’s pretty nice to have access to my Richarding when the kids are monopolizing the desktop in pursuit of Minecraft on YouTube, or Hubby is browsing his mineral auctions or his political sites. I’m liking it a lot. I wrote my latest spoof from the comfort of the couch on my new laptop, and it’s a lot faster than the desktop. My one disappointment was figuring out that the Giffing Tool is not available on iOs. This means I’ll have to pursue my new Giffing habit at work or horn in on the desktop occasionally, but I suppose I’ll make do. I was able to install the DT desktop player and download The Crucible, though, and so we invited family over for ribs and theatre night this evening.

Hubby has been perfecting his smoking techniques lately, and has wanted to have the family over to try his amazing baby back ribs, and that was a big draw for the men. Don’t know that they were too interested in the theatre aspect of the evening, but most men will come for ribs. LOL. Even my brother was initially game, but he then opted out at the last minute, citing the need to study all weekend. Turns out his study partner is a girl, and he sheltered with her on Wednesday, when severe tornadic storms blew through, over at her place. All night. And now needs to study over at her place, all weekend. Right. So evidently even the lure of smoked ribs was not enough to overcome this newfound academic dedication. Lol.

Happily, the kids were shuffled off to the Gymnastics Play Night, a parent’s night out initiative at the local gymnastics academy, and we were free to watch The Crucible free of constant interruptions, disputes, requests, spills, and so on. The laptop-HDMI-TV method worked exactly as it should, and we enjoyed a wonderful evening.

OK, so the stepdad nodded off in Act 1 and missed its entirety. That’s his usual MO for any movie, so no disrespect to Richard. He did wake up and watch Act 2 when Mom loudly announced Richard was about to take his shirt off, and I endured a bit of ribbing from everyone, not to mention Hubby flashing his left nipple at me just when the shirtless John Proctor stretched out and I was enjoying that lovely side-view. Yes, he did. Luckily Mom was rather intently watching the onscreen nipple performance when Hubby did that. =)

I particularly enjoyed an interlude during the set change between Acts 3 and 4, when I checked to see if anyone was sleeping, but didn’t have a good view of Mom, whose face was obscured by a couch cushion.

“Is she sleeping?” I asked Hubby.

Mom sat up indignantly. “No, I’m not sleeping!”

“Well, it wouldn’t be the first time you slept during The Crucible…” I goaded her.

Hubby, adopting Judge Danforth’s strident tone, demanded, “DID you, or DID you NOT sleep on The Crucible Front Row? WHAT SAY YOU, Goody Brown?”

To which Mom cried, equally dramatically, “I were JET-LAGGED, Mister! I were jet-lagged, but I am awake NOW!”

And so on… it was a fun evening, and good reviews all around, for both the smoked ribs and The Crucible. Hubby and stepdad broke into loud applause when it was over, which I suspect may have been precisely because it was over, so I made a point of complimenting Richard’s nipple just to get Hubby’s goat! Mom thought that was outrageous, and I almost told her then and there that there was a lot more to be said about that nipple, and it was to be found on my blog… SURPRISE!… but I decided at the last moment not to go there, mainly because we needed to be responsible and pick our children up from Gymnastics Play Night, and needed to get on the road if we weren’t to be *those parents*, the ones whose kids are very last to be picked up. (That happened to me once, at Girl Scout Camp… my folks had the pick-up date wrong and had to be called when every last kid except me was gone, and they didn’t show up. It was the most excruciating and embarrassing 3 hours of my childhood, waiting around with the camp councilors as Mom and Dad sped 200 miles across New Mexico to fetch me, knowing that they all probably had party plans but had to sit around babysitting The Lonesome Girl Scout instead.)

However, it’s back to the design wall at Mom’s quilting loft tomorrow, and I’m quite sure Mom will be there, ready to offer her two-cents on my design, and I may just tell her about the blog then.

We’ll see. =)



  1. Hariclea · March 29, 2015

    perfect rib night then! you’d totally get me with ribs.. the on screen and the off screen ones, both edible 😉 Glad you enjoyed it with the family and congratulations on the new toy!!!!
    Oh and i am sure there are plenty giffing tools for Mac, Macs are made for media stuff, see if any of these tickle your fancy 🙂 http://alternativeto.net/software/giffingtool/?platform=mac


    • jholland · March 29, 2015

      LOL- I doubt I’d have had to twist your arm to watch The Crucible, just the onscreen smoking’ hot ribs would have done the trick for any of us… =)
      I’ve been leary about getting software for the MacBook Pro (except for the DT Desktop Player, of course!), fearing I might inadvertently download some virus. Don’t really have a feel for what sites are “reputable” when it comes to Mac Software, as this is my first Apple device.


      • Servetus · April 5, 2015

        In general Mac software tends to be much less risky, just because the market share is so much smaller it hasn’t been worth virus-writers’ time. I don’t download much though unless it comes recommended in a tech magazine.


        • jholland · April 5, 2015

          I didn’t know that there were fewer viruses for Macs. Good to know.


  2. Perry · March 29, 2015

    LOL – the ribs were appropriate. Made me think of Giles Corey. Congats on the Mac. Time you had your own laptop anyway. It took me a while to get used to mine, given to me as a gift before I left for Mexico ( Mac Book Air). ( No snipping tool either). I watched The Crucible with friends also ( another showing coming up next week), and I , too had a “sleeper.” in Act I.


    • jholland · March 29, 2015

      Well, other than the sleeper in Act 1, did your first round of friends appreciate it?


      • Perry · March 29, 2015

        My friends DID appreciate it. Thought the acting was great, though one could not get further than the McCarthy analogy. There wasn’t as much time for discussion as I would have liked. For the deviled eggs, I used Coleman’s Chinese mustard and a few dashes of our local hot sauce. Wasabi sounds good. I’m NOT thinking of rabbit for next time.

        Liked by 1 person

        • jholland · March 29, 2015

          Ah, the possibilities… you could serve unsalted dishes and have a nice plate of Kosher salt standing by for each to season… devil’s food cake for dessert… =)


      • Perry · March 29, 2015

        I’m used to “sleepers.” You’d be surprised at how many jurors dose off during trial testimony, and even summations.


        • jholland · March 29, 2015

          I have some experience with that. Served on a jury a couple of years ago, and sat in the back row. Older gentleman in the front row did nod off a couple of times, and it was frustrating during deliberations because he didn’t recall some key pieces of evidence. Finally the most outspoken juror told him “With respect, sir, you may have been sleeping through that testimony.” Not that I think he would have ultimately hung the jury, as there was very little defense in the case. The accused had slipped a scalpel into a hearing and had wounded a deputy in an escape attempt when he was told he was to be remanded into custody… it was an interesting case, having court deputies, lawyers and a judge on the stand as the primary witnesses.


        • Perry · March 29, 2015

          It does sound interesting. Years ago I did a practice case on whether a sleeping jury ( the case was about the patentability of life) was reversal error. It wasn’t.


  3. Perry · March 29, 2015

    P.S. Though I haven’t made them or eaten them years, snacks included deviled eggs. No one got it.


    • jholland · March 29, 2015

      LOL- love it! I am a big deviled egg aficionado. Wish I’d thought of that. I have a pretty fantastic hot wasabi deviled egg recipe I could have served… we could have “burned together!”


  4. Guylty · March 29, 2015

    That sounds like a great night, J. And isn’t it great, sharing it with people we like and whose opinion we value? That was really important to me when TC was shown in cinema – I don’t want Mr Guylty to know everything I get up to here in the safety of anonymous internet blogging, but I wanted him to understand why my weakness for this actor was so strong, and that the object of my admiration is worth my precious attention… Anyhow, I love your hubs’s ribbing, particularly the covert nipple action. And the whole thing with the bass – hilarious!!! As for the MacBook Pro – I can’t tell you how jealous I am. I wish I could afford one. Have fun with it!


    • jholland · March 29, 2015

      Yes, I love it. I actually set up a payment plan on the MacBook- no interest if I pay back within 18 mos. It’s pretty sweet. The last laptop I had was so inferior to this thing it’s not even a comparison. Amazing the leaps in technology in the past 10 years. LOL. I totally agree RE sharing TC with people whose opinions we value- next ones on my list are my Dad and Stepmom. And Hubby’s cousin. I find I’m not tired of it yet… =)


  5. Servetus · April 5, 2015

    re: snipping tool: command + shift + 4 is a much better option for screenshotting than the IMO oxy and clumsy PC snipping tool such that I’m aggravated every time I have to screenshot for work on my PC.

    I can’t believe you went and bought the Mac, but I have to admit that I’m glad you love it. I love mine, too, and I am thinking of upgrading once I get even with my “six months savings” account.

    Also loved the story of Hubs’ nipple flash. I wish I had family to do this with but this is really not their speed 🙂


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