Celebrating Chanterelles and My One-Year Cruciversary

10989369_637463036385652_1969506007672215329_nA year ago on this date, I was privileged to attend the first of three performances of The Crucible at the Old Vic. What a night it was! Seated on the front row, in front of the celebrated wash basin, no less! Though seriously jet-lagged and moderately mortified by Mom’s continuous propensity to nod off, it was an experience I’ll never forget. Richard was magnificent, his physicality, performance and… okay, let’s just say it… his physique! Definitely worth celebrating today.


Chanterelle2And, I have a notion of just how to celebrate this evening. We returned from Colorado with some delicious mountain spoils… a hefty 2+ lb bag of chanterelles, and one lonely bolete. The wedding, you see, was on a mountaintop. And while we were there, my aunt (not the one getting married!) and I spied a little patch of orange. We had the wherewithal to refrain from disrupting the ceremony with such an announcement, but made plans to return to an area of slightly higher elevation the following day.

Chanterelle1We hit the motherload! And my Young Love was especially chuffed to be allowed the use of a paring knife to help collect the wild mushrooms. Though, he was definitely more interested in battling a bear with the knife, should such an unfortunate beast appear on our hike. Thankfully for the bear, none arrived to meet its death at the hands of the warrior.

Chanterelle3My aunt having had such a chanterelle season as to be tired of these delicacies, she gave us her portion, which I carried home earlier this week. Today’s the day we’re going to treat ourselves to a gourmet dinner, and Hubby has been dutifully washing wild mushrooms this morning, and texted me this pic, with the comment, “I should send you two to Colorado more often!”

 Looks like we’ll be eating well this evening!


I Wonder What Enhanced Physicality Would Look Like, #RichardArmitage

physicality10 physicality9 physicality8 physicality7 physicality6 physicality5 physicality4 physicality3 physicality2 physicality1

“I can’t tell you what it is, but it will definitely have a much more physical base to it. One of the things I love about theatre is the limitless way that you can kind of use the body, so we’re gonna push the physicality of that kind of theatre a little bit more.” – Richard Armitage on his plans for future stage collaboration with Yaël Farber (Source).

Wow. Hold on to your hats, ladies. Sounds like whatever the project is, we might be in for a wild ride! I mean, I thought his physicality as John Proctor was something to behold. If that’s not physicality, then what is?


Just Concluded The Crucible Family Night

Whew- busy week! I’ve been avoiding blogging for a week now, trying to be a responsible adult, catching up on dictating my charts at work, chasing documents for the accountant, arranging and rearranging my latest quilt on the design wall, sheltering from Oklahoma tornadoes, enduring power outages, and running the kids here, there and everywhere… but I thought I’d share a quick update on the Armitage-related doings.

Confirming what we all already knew, I did spend another small fortune in pursuit of my Richarding interests. After finding out that I couldn’t satisfactorily watch The Crucible on my large screen TV in any other way… even if I timed it well and did use the Samsung SmartTV DT app for my measly 48 hour window, unfortunately the quality of our wireless out here in the boondocks would not allow streaming to the TV without crap quality and ridiculous buffering… so I opted to invest in the laptop. Hubby didn’t ask the price, just asked that I not inquire about any new bass guitar that might appear in the near future.

As if I were the type to even notice a new bass guitar! He finally broke down and asked if I’d seen his new bass several weeks ago, the one he’d hinted about hiding in plain sight when I outed myself about the blog, and the answer was “Oh, you did buy that bass? Where is it?” (It was on the bass stand in the craft/music room we share, and I’d been in that room piecing my latest quilt for 2 weeks without ever catching on, even when he was in the room, practicing on the damn thing… my bad!)

So, yes… I’m the proud owner of a new MacBook Pro, and I have to say, I love it. It’s pretty nice to have access to my Richarding when the kids are monopolizing the desktop in pursuit of Minecraft on YouTube, or Hubby is browsing his mineral auctions or his political sites. I’m liking it a lot. I wrote my latest spoof from the comfort of the couch on my new laptop, and it’s a lot faster than the desktop. My one disappointment was figuring out that the Giffing Tool is not available on iOs. This means I’ll have to pursue my new Giffing habit at work or horn in on the desktop occasionally, but I suppose I’ll make do. I was able to install the DT desktop player and download The Crucible, though, and so we invited family over for ribs and theatre night this evening.

Hubby has been perfecting his smoking techniques lately, and has wanted to have the family over to try his amazing baby back ribs, and that was a big draw for the men. Don’t know that they were too interested in the theatre aspect of the evening, but most men will come for ribs. LOL. Even my brother was initially game, but he then opted out at the last minute, citing the need to study all weekend. Turns out his study partner is a girl, and he sheltered with her on Wednesday, when severe tornadic storms blew through, over at her place. All night. And now needs to study over at her place, all weekend. Right. So evidently even the lure of smoked ribs was not enough to overcome this newfound academic dedication. Lol.

Happily, the kids were shuffled off to the Gymnastics Play Night, a parent’s night out initiative at the local gymnastics academy, and we were free to watch The Crucible free of constant interruptions, disputes, requests, spills, and so on. The laptop-HDMI-TV method worked exactly as it should, and we enjoyed a wonderful evening.

OK, so the stepdad nodded off in Act 1 and missed its entirety. That’s his usual MO for any movie, so no disrespect to Richard. He did wake up and watch Act 2 when Mom loudly announced Richard was about to take his shirt off, and I endured a bit of ribbing from everyone, not to mention Hubby flashing his left nipple at me just when the shirtless John Proctor stretched out and I was enjoying that lovely side-view. Yes, he did. Luckily Mom was rather intently watching the onscreen nipple performance when Hubby did that. =)

I particularly enjoyed an interlude during the set change between Acts 3 and 4, when I checked to see if anyone was sleeping, but didn’t have a good view of Mom, whose face was obscured by a couch cushion.

“Is she sleeping?” I asked Hubby.

Mom sat up indignantly. “No, I’m not sleeping!”

“Well, it wouldn’t be the first time you slept during The Crucible…” I goaded her.

Hubby, adopting Judge Danforth’s strident tone, demanded, “DID you, or DID you NOT sleep on The Crucible Front Row? WHAT SAY YOU, Goody Brown?”

To which Mom cried, equally dramatically, “I were JET-LAGGED, Mister! I were jet-lagged, but I am awake NOW!”

And so on… it was a fun evening, and good reviews all around, for both the smoked ribs and The Crucible. Hubby and stepdad broke into loud applause when it was over, which I suspect may have been precisely because it was over, so I made a point of complimenting Richard’s nipple just to get Hubby’s goat! Mom thought that was outrageous, and I almost told her then and there that there was a lot more to be said about that nipple, and it was to be found on my blog… SURPRISE!… but I decided at the last moment not to go there, mainly because we needed to be responsible and pick our children up from Gymnastics Play Night, and needed to get on the road if we weren’t to be *those parents*, the ones whose kids are very last to be picked up. (That happened to me once, at Girl Scout Camp… my folks had the pick-up date wrong and had to be called when every last kid except me was gone, and they didn’t show up. It was the most excruciating and embarrassing 3 hours of my childhood, waiting around with the camp councilors as Mom and Dad sped 200 miles across New Mexico to fetch me, knowing that they all probably had party plans but had to sit around babysitting The Lonesome Girl Scout instead.)

However, it’s back to the design wall at Mom’s quilting loft tomorrow, and I’m quite sure Mom will be there, ready to offer her two-cents on my design, and I may just tell her about the blog then.

We’ll see. =)

The Download Experience #TheCrucibleOnScreen

It’s been a bit of a doozy. But not really an unexpected doozy. I’d feared that the DT website would completely crash, but unlike some of my more sensible sisters, I still had to jump in and purchase The Crucible on day 1. In fact, even though it was announced that the long-awaited download would become available at 8AM in my time zone, I found myself *just checking* the DT website at 7am when I stepped out of the shower. It appeared to have the option to purchase, so I purchased it, there in my bathrobe, and started the download.

Now, I suspected that the HD download at home was going to take at least 24 hours, because Much Ado About Nothing over the weekend took 26 hours, and that was presumably not occurring during an Armitage Army Onslaught. The joys of rural country living! I had higher hopes for my download #2 out of 3 at work, since I have a much faster connection there in town, so I started it as soon as I booted up my computer and installed the desktop player at 8am yesterday. The work download kicked off pretty fast, and got up to over 50% after one hour, but I can only assume that the whole world soon came online and joined the queue, because it got really slow after that and was only at 72% by the time I left work. Got home and had a whopping 23% on the home computer. LOL. Way to go, Armitage Followers!


Yes, John. Your Followers. Anyway, this morning the home computer was still slowly chugging at about 45% when I left for work, but the work computer was all finished and ready for me. I then downloaded the Conversation, and that took only about 20 minutes. I had a slow morning and ended up watching the Conversation after my surgical procedures were done, and at 11:45am, just as I was about to shut my office door and break early for lunch, the office manager arrived and said we had a walk-in. Actually, it was an elderly client who had a 2pm appointment but didn’t want to drive in the rain later, so she just decided to come on in and get her appointment done during the doc’s lunch. $#!+&@#*($!!

So, with a heavy heart, I went and did my two annual exams and the assorted “oh, by the way, can you do this and this and this as long as we’re here, and I have a question or two about the stray cat I feed” until it was 12:45pm and my lunch was basically over. The one good thing was I had nothing until the 2pm appointment, and that was now finished, so I went back to the office, grabbed my protein shake, closed the door, and sat down for Act 1.

The HD quality was fantastic- much better than the quality Hubby and I had streamed at the college a couple of weeks ago. I was just able to finish Act 1 and do a few of my Richarding rituals over at the forum, when afternoon appointments started up again, but I left work a bit early and came home just in time to see the home download was at 99%. I had an early dinner, the kids being on spring break and off fishing with Hubby and G-Pa, and by the time I finished eating, the download was finally finished, after a whopping 34 hours!

Interestingly, the HD quality was noticeably different at home. There were fractional glitches in the soundtrack and occasional hiccups in the visuals as well. Not at all as good as the work computer had been, and not even as good as the streaming at the college had been. Not sure why this should be the case, but I figure the DT support team is a bit overwhelmed at the moment, so I decided to let that slide for now. I soldiered on, a bit annoyed but still emotionally invested and just glad to have quiet time with John Proctor. Or, not always all that quiet, as John will shout from time to time. Amazing timing, as just as the lights went out on Elizabeth at the finale, I heard stomping feet on the front porch, and the children were home with their exuberance and exaggerated fish stories.

All in all, not a bad day. I’m planning to write about my views on Proctor’s decision in Act 4 at some point, but I think I’ll watch it at least once more before I try to compose my feelings.

Digital Theatre Responds to My Query

Well, as several stated, Digital Theatre did respond, and it would seem that the support staff guy, Jonathan Ware, is up and at ’em pretty early on a Monday, as I got the email at about Midnight Sunday. So thumbs up to him, and to his adept handling of my rather pissy letter. But thumbs down to the false advertising (in my perception, anyhow) on the part of Digital Theatre. As you’ll recall, I was unhappily surprised when I learned that for a purchase of either an SD or HD download of one of their productions, you have a one-time redemption code for viewing on the Samsung SmartTV. Of course, not many may even have this type of TV, so possibly only a small fraction of the fandom will be affected or disappointed as I am, but it does seem that the TV App is indeed a one-time deal, or at least, a 48 hour deal, and then it’s back to the computer viewing. Here’s Jonathan’s response:

Hi JHolland

Thanks for your note, and your useful feedback. I’ve forwarded this onto our Marketing Team to look into.

The current version of the our Samsung SmartTV app is the first time our productions have been available off the desktop and in the living room. As this is the first stage of the App’s roll out, the ability to view films on the SmartTV is a one-time bonus for anyone purchasing an SD or HD Download. As you’ll have read, upon redemption the production is available to view in your library for 30 days, with an active period of 48 hours upon the first playback. Within this period, you can you [suspect he meant “view”] the production as often as you like.

We hope to offer unlimited access to our productions through our Samsung SmartTV app in the future. In the meantime, your films remain available as always straight from DigitalTheatre.com, the Desktop Player and our IOS app.


Jonathan Ware
Support Officer

So it was a prompt reply, and a good job at placating a politely irate consumer, but the fact remains, it isn’t really represented as such on their website. Only after you actually attempt to stream to the TV do you find out that it’s a limited time frame, and therefore I think it would be best for them to change the wording on the website to reflect that it’s a “one-time bonus” rather than a regular feature. Here’s my response:

Well, thank you for responding, Jonathan. I’m disappointed, and think the website ought to make it clear that it’s a “one-time bonus” because it’s misleading. Only after I actually attempted to stream to the Samsung Smart TV App was I aware that there were to be any limitations. I do hope that DT will work out a new system, perhaps just making new redemption codes available when each expires, and even if that were to change the price, I would have willingly paid extra for the comfort and convenience of watching the TV compared to sitting at the computer while (no doubt repeatedly) viewing The Crucible. 
P.S. Hope the servers don’t crash on Tuesday. The  Armitage fandom is pretty worked up! =)


SO… maybe time to shop laptops.

On the plus side, Hubby reacted to this new plan with merely a threat that he’ll be shopping for his fourth bass guitar if I proceed. LOL

Digital Theatre Woes


Well, my level of frustration with Digital Theatre hasn’t reached such an epic level as Zee’s, but I will say this… it’s pretty likely that the service is not all that I’d hoped it would be. Let me explain.

Today I decided to do a bit of a trial run. We’d had a very modest TV for almost a decade, and we’ve never been the type to buy something (such as a “SmartTV”) simply because it exists and we have to have the latest technology. I didn’t have a smart phone, much less a smartTV, until just last year, and that was only because I needed a smart phone as part of the new security system I installed at the vet clinic when we purchased the practice. No, we’ve made do with a pay-as-you-go cheapo cell phone for years, and the only reason I got a cheapo cell phone was because I was previously employed at a vet hospital where the doctors rotated being on call 24/7. Prior to that I didn’t feel I needed that newfangled technology, the cell phone. LOL. We don’t have a gaming system, we have one older computer in the house, and up until recently, our TV was a modest 20-something-inch TV with no HD.

So it was really quite a deviation from the norm for us when we decided we could finally afford a nicer, bigger television… and I campaigned for a Samsung SmartTV because ever since September, I’ve been plotting how I’d watch The Crucible on my own TV, and I knew that there was such a thing as a DT-App for this type of TV. Our Christmas gift to each other was therefore a really nice, much larger, much smarter Samsung Smart TV, and I don’t regret it at all… it’s wonderful to be able to watch our favorite shows in HD.

But then today, Hubby and I worked out how to download the Digital Theatre Samsung SmartTV App (the TV is smarter than us… took a damn long time to even find the app store on this insanely complex TV!) I went ahead and made a practice purchase from  DT… David Tennant in Much Ado About Nothing came highly recommended by Perry, and I’ve been mildly preoccupied with Tennant anyway after glomming Broadchurch and several other Tennant television shows over the past few weeks. When I got down to the nitty-gritty, I found out that after purchasing my Download of MAAN, it gives you a “redemption code” which is then entered into the Samsung Smart TV DT App. Then you have 30 days to watch it, and if I understand correctly, once you start watching, you have 48 hours to complete it.

Then what? Well, apparently you have the one redemption code for the TV per download purchase. Not rental… purchase. That’s right. Apparently I’ll be able to stream it to my computer whenever I please once it’s in my library, but not to my TV. I hope I’m not disseminating mis-information. To make sure, I sent the following e-mail to DT Support, and we’ll see what they have to say:

I just want to make sure I have this right. I’m intending to purchase The Crucible and decided to do a practice run by purchasing Much Ado About Nothing. I have my Samsung Smart TV app, and I’ve entered the TV redemption code. Am I to understand that even though I’ve purchased this download, I’ll only ever have ONE opportunity to watch it on my large screen TV? I can’t watch it as many times as I please? I do understand that I can watch on my computer screen by streaming whenever I want, but if I can’t watch The Crucible over and over on my TV screen, I’m going to be extremely disappointed. If I’m misunderstanding, please explain how I can watch it on my TV whenever I want. And if I’m not misunderstanding, then may I suggest you get a new price tier for some kind of download with unlimited TV viewings? Because expecting hard-core Richard Armitage fans to limit themselves to one viewing is pretty far-fetched. Thanks- JHolland

If Zee’s experience is anything to go by, I’ll probably never hear back. But I sure hope I’m wrong. One and done on The Crucible is just NOT going to work for me, and while, unlike Zee, I’ll probably settle for the computer streaming to get my fix, it’s going to be a HUGE let-down, after campaigning for months for this TV in anticipation of The Crucible being available eventually.

Sorry for the rant. If any of you know of some way around this… am I going to have to get a freaking laptop and some kind of cable? That sounds pretty complex for a techno-phobe like myself, though I’m sure the long-suffering Hubby would be willing to help me.



First Impressions- The Crucible On Screen with Hubby


Richard Armitage as John Proctor. How I’ve missed this character.

Despite yesterday’s exhilarating announcement that Digital Theatre would be making The Crucible available for worldwide download in little over a week, my PreoccupationWithArmitage did not allow me to sensibly cancel today’s afternoon date plans with Hubby. No, the Hubby had dutifully made the effort to troubleshoot the streaming of the Digital Theatre Plus academic/educational opportunity available to us through his faculty status at the college, and we had childcare arrangements in place long before. I did offer him an “out” when he enquired about the remarkable nature of my deviation from the normal morning routine yesterday, as I’d leapt out of bed like a kid on Christmas and happy-danced my way across the bedroom… I did not conceal the source of my joy, no, I did not. To his credit, he knows me well enough to have proceeded to make his arrangements yesterday at the college, projecting that the announcement would dim my enthusiasm for the planned classroom date not at all! (Love him!!)


Hubby getting us set up in the classroom. =)

So this afternoon, we took ourselves off to the classroom, and we watched together. I gave him a bit of background on my experience of the live production, mentioning the aspects that I predicted could not be experienced in the DT film, such as the incense, the ominous low reverberations of sound, the way that the theatre had been draped to conceal the ornate décor… but I didn’t give him my impressions of the characters, the theme, or the actors. Obviously he knew I was heavily invested in the program, but I left it at that. Being a bass player, Hubby was naturally most interested in my description of the low-end sound resonance, postulating that the notes may have been, in bass player’s parlance, somewhere in the 30 Hz, low B (bodyshaker) frequency. Trust an engineering prof to be concerned with these details! Lol


Inserted simply because it’s gorgeous. I took the pic on the right at the stage door, and I’m rather attached to it.

I’d seen it three times in London, and I have to say, I thought the screen version was extraordinarily well-done. I can’t say that I had exactly the same level of exhilaration while watching it onscreen that I experienced when I was just a few feet from the action, in the presence of the most charismatic performer I’ve ever had the pleasure of observing, but I did feel the same level of awe at the performances by the entire ensemble, and felt the same physiological reactions (goosebumps, chills, tachycardia, light-headedness, and tears) at various points in the performance, which says a lot. It was powerful, and just as devastating as I’d remembered. My initial impressions remained the same, with the stand-outs in the cast of characters (aside from John Proctor) being the roles of Rebecca Nurse, Reverend Hale, Abigail Williams, Mary Warren, and Elizabeth Proctor. I guess I’m still processing it, and may have more to say after a few more viewings.


Yeah, I can see where Hubby is coming from. In that Act 4 costume, and given the intensity on his face, I could see the a bit of the Greek tragic hero, as well…

As for Hubby, he didn’t have a lot to add. He said he thought it was really good. He especially complimented Natalie Gavin’s performance as Mary Warren, loving how her eyes would bulge and her face would turn red. At one point, in Act 4, as John Proctor gives Elizabeth his fierce stare, and tells her to “Give them no tear! Tears pleasure them!” Hubby commented that he thought Richard Armitage would make a good Greek. (This is in reference to the speculation that Armitage might collaborate with Yael in some sort of Greek Tragedy in the future, which I’ve floated past him before!) This was the only time during the entire viewing that he made a comment. Afterward, he said he enjoyed it, went so far as to recommend it to a colleague as we exited the building, and thanked me for spending the afternoon with him! He thought the entire ensemble was strong, reassured me that he was never bored, that he thought it was powerful, and I noticed he was pensive afterward. After a quiet few miles on the drive home, we did discuss the context in which the play was written by Miller, the House Un-American Activities Committee, and how that kind of absolute authority paired with general paranoia and hysteria was deeply disturbing. It turns out that Hubby hadn’t really known where the play was going. He didn’t remember if he’d ever been required to read it, and said that if so, it hadn’t made much of an impression on him. When I asked if it had made an impression on him now, he said, “Oh yeah.”


My idea of a perfect afternoon…

I can’t wait to read the impressions of the many who will see it for the first time in the weeks to come. I loved it. I was entirely immersed, once again. What a way to spend the afternoon… my favorite actor for over three hours, with my favorite person. I’m deeply content tonight.

Limerick: In Honor of #TheCrucibleOnScreen

It was 6:00 AM when the alarm clock sounded
I yawned, checked my phone, and was instantly astounded!
“The Old Vic’s The Crucible – coming soon”
Right there in my inbox, and I was over the moon!
The announcement we’ve longed for… I finally found it!

I’ve never jumped out of my bed quite so fast…
Or danced into the bathroom… Hubby aghast!
I simply must explode
Into limerick mode
To celebrate this news at long last!

It’s coming! It’s coming! On March Seventeen…
The Crucible! John Proctor! The wash basin scene!
Just kidding, #onlyjoking
(I know that’s provoking)
I’m just overwhelmed to soon see this onscreen!

The news is everywhere now, on social media galore
Facebook and Twitter; Forums, Blogs and more
Is Digital Theatre prepared
Will servers crash when it’s aired?
Has an entire Army ever downloaded before?

I’d like to thank Digital Theatre and The Old Vic
For making it possible, with simply a click
For thousands to experience
Yael and Richard’s brilliance
And for providing me with such a fine morning kick!

Richard Armitage as John Proctor is well worth the wait…
My pleasure is heartfelt, and will not abate.
What a Day! What a Friday! We’ve waited so long!
I feel like dancing, singing, and ringing a gong…
Even knowing, as I do, that this play… devastates.