Recent #RichardArmitage Images Really Float My Boat!


This one struck me simply because his eyes look so very blue. Looking at this image, there can be no argument for grey eyes. I even found myself staring at the eyes and wondering if the image had been manipulated, or the man was wearing color contact lenses. At any rate… his eyes are incredible in this pic.

The past couple of weeks, I made a long-overdue adult decision and prioritized my time at work to finally catch up on my stack of charts, which had reached epic proportions. This necessitated me keeping my browser mostly closed and my nose firmly affixed to the grindstone. My Richard Affliction got me there in the first place, along with my lifelong tendency to procrastinate, and I decided to take advantage of the comparatively low-intensity of my ongoing Armitage Preoccupation to get that stuff out of the way. Then, too, I have three quilts-in-progress with a December 25 deadline, so I’ve been sewing every spare moment I have, at home. Needless to say, I’ve hardly had time for my normal Armitage routines. Finally this morning, having at last finished up my backlogged charts, and with a quilting marathon awaiting me at home, I decided I’d post a quick entry on my neglected blog between clients this afternoon. As busy as I’ve been, I *did* take a moment to save an image of Richard Armitage, here and there, out of the ocean of available new material that has appeared with the promotions associated with The Hobbit.



That is a Come Hither Look, if I’ve ever seen one. The more I look at this, the more I start to wish Hubby was available, right this minute. I’d like to put him in a dramatic coat, push him onto the bed, knock the lamp ajar, and jump him. Hubby, that is. *coughs*

This next pic did more than float my boat. It just about caused my ovaries to go into overdrive. I look at this pic, and I just want to… climb him. I don’t know when I’ve seen an image that was quite so stimulating. It seems to hit each of my personal lust-triggers. I don’t even know where to start. The masculine curve along the musculature of his thigh? The length of those limbs? The urge I have to rotate the perspective so I can see just how much his legs are parted, for one foot to be planted on the floor, and the other well onto the mattress?  I love the way the coat falls open, and echoes the dramatic appearance of the collar. I love the sweater. I love the size of the foot and the hand that are closest to my perspective. I love that he’s grasping the headboard. I love the look in those eyes, and the faint smile that I imagine is about to cross his lips. He looks delicious. It’s one of the favorite images I’ve ever seen of him. Thank you, Sarah Dunn. And my apologies, Richard Armitage, for perving.


Richard Armitage, in velvet. I’d never have imagined that would work.

But my perving doesn’t stop there! I have seen several comments that weren’t very positive about the velvet tuxedo in the Daman Magazine shoot, but I like it just fine, in this picture. I enjoy the feel of velvet, and I can’t help but imagine stroking down that jacket. I’d like to stroke down his chest and across his lean torso. Pet his arms. Slide my hand down his back, feeling the muscles under the velvet, and finishing at the level of his lovely rear end. Then there’s the image itself. I love the contemplative, slightly guarded look on his face. The furrowed brow. When I zoom in, I like the way that his nose looks, with a tiny divot on the very end, and how it echoes the bow in his upper lip, the dent in his lower lip, and the slight cleft on his chin. I also like the cuffs on the velvet jacket, which somehow look like they were designed just for him, to compliment the shape and elvish quality of his ears. I also love the side of his face that’s in shadow- the line of his cheekbone above the beard stubble, and the way the light barely catches his eye on that side. For me, another delectable image. And I didn’t even mention the vessels and tendons in his right hand. If there’s one part I didn’t like, it was the lack of definition and shadow on the left hand. If that hand was showing the same definition, this image would be hard to beat.


We have another warm-eyed smile. Richard Armitage, that kills me, every time.

And finally, an image I just saw today. This one’s marginally more wholesome, although if I tried, I could perv over this image, easily. But I’ll try to keep it a little cleaner, because he just looks so sweet. I really like the shape and grooming of the beard.  I love the warm color palette, and that jacket is just amazing.  But what really draws me to this image is that Richard Armitage looks genuinely in a light mood here, and his eyes are very warm, and very engaged. This is the type of affectionate smile and glance I see on Hubby so often, which may be part of why I find it so attractive.

That just gave me an idea. I am totally going to show this picture to the Swisher Twinkle Star fan in my household, and see what she has to say. I wonder if “Rich-ard” looks more like “Swish-er” to her in this pic. I’ll check, and get back to you on that. LOL






  1. KellyDS · December 12, 2014

    the way the swirl tag is placed on the bed pic makes it look like he has stripes on the end of his jeans, which when paired with the overlarge collar on the coat, makes me think of a fireman, LOL!
    I agree about the warmth of the last pic, it looks like Harry with a haircut and a beard to me 🙂


    • jholland · December 13, 2014

      I had the same thought- reminds me of Harry. Both the outfit and the happy, casual look he’s sporting. Fireman? Never crossed my mind! =)


  2. linnetmoss · December 13, 2014

    Your choices are utterly delectable, winners all! Especially that one on the bed 🙂


    • jholland · December 13, 2014

      Isn’t it just… he’s the hottest. =)


  3. Servetus · December 14, 2014

    Totally with you on the top one. Those eyes.


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