Happy Valentine’s Day 2017… #CelebRAteLove Contribution, with Short Limerick =)


Thorin bearing a Valentine’s bouquet… my office. That’s not too shabby!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!! And a special shout-out to Guylty for the impetus to make something, anything happen on this poor, sad blog! So! While my preoccupationwitharmitage was definitely rejuvenated after my wonderful trip to NYC, a Stage Door Runner event, and 4 performances of Love, Love, Love… it didn’t really translate into a whole lot more blogging on my part. And I really wish that wasn’t the case. Life is just busy right now, and the lovely Richard Armitage has a lot of competition for my time and energy.

I’m elbows deep in another quilt, the kids have a ton of extracurricular activities, the veterinary business is going gangbusters, and it’s just about time to start gathering material for the accountant. But I did have the energy to set up a little office photo shoot… since I knew everyone would probably appreciate Thorin bearing Valentine’s flowers!

He does look rather manfully romantic, there in front of a little collection of Armitage memorabilia, the dog curled up at his feet…




Introducing Roxie, our small dog-like animal.

Oh yeah, and speaking of that dog curled up at Thorin’s feet… I don’t know that I have ever formally introduced my new child, Roxie! Our sweet little Girlfriend did pass away late last spring, and it wasn’t long before we were fortunate enough to welcome Roxie, a 2-year-old rescued Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, into the fold. She’s pretty stinking cute, and has provided all kinds of entertainment and pure, loyal affection. This dog is my shadow. She could probably fill up a blog post, or even a blog of her own with all her antics, but since I’m on the subject, I’ll give you her short story… she was purchased as a puppy by an elderly man with cancer, and after he passed away, she spent several days alone with his body. Needless to say, we work on separation anxiety issues! She was then sold to a family who loved her, but their 60lb boxer was terrified of her 10lb ferocious self, so she went to the Cavalier Rescue organization. Aside from her separation anxiety, she also had bilateral luxated patellas (knee-caps out of socket) since puppyhood, which caused her to spend her entire life completely unable to bend her hind legs. She now has both her knees repaired and fully functioning, and a family that absolutely adores her, not to mention a mom who doesn’t put up with any bullshit terrorizing other animals. She goes back and forth to the clinic with me, tries to steal into the exam rooms to accompany me, enjoys greeting clients in the lobby, believes she has been wrongfully banned from the sterile surgery suite, and absolutely loves the kids. And their socks. And their dirty underwear. I love her so much!



Hubby playing Bass while I sew. We barely fit in the craft room!


My three kids!

And since it’s the holiday of love, and Roxie had a photo op, I would be remiss if I didn’t include the other Valentines in my life… Hubby, My Young Love, and his adorable Little Sister. They bring laughter, smiles and all kinds of good feels on a daily basis. So blessed!






v4But back to my Valentine’s collaboRAtion… my office sports a little bit of memoRAbilia, as you can see. Several magnets on my mini-fridge, several framed photos that were gifted to me, a lovely Francis Dolarhyde shrine, subtle Richarding tree ornaments, post-cards, and mementos from my trip to Greece. Not to mention my very own, life-sized, always amorous Thorin Oakenshield.





A Valentine’s Care Package from Guylty!

Naturally, after I had already taken my photo, yet more Valentine’s goodness arrived in a package from Ireland! Guylty, you’re amazing! Thornton’s Fabulous Fudge, a cucumber face mask (can’t wait to surprise the kids with my green face!), a heart-shaped candle holder, lotion and an unusually sexy post-card all bundled together in a clever handmade zipper bag which is a total shout-out (to the discerning, in-the-know eye) to Mr. A….  Gah! I LOVE IT! I The interior is lined with water-proof vinyl, really nice, and the exterior sports custom fabric… peaches, roses, chess piece kings, red dragon symbols, vinyl records (is that a nod to young Kenneth?) and of course, that unmistakable silhouette (with nape curls!). Thank you!!


v8And finally, although this came a little early for Valentine’s Day, for me it was truly inspiring.

Richard Armitage, filming Ocean’s Eight.

*fans self*

Seriously, if I saw him walking down the street, I’d admire from a distance. I really would.

But if I saw him walking Borzois down the street… I make no promises.

I mean, I’ve always had a major attraction to sighthounds.

And, Dayum.


I want some.

If this can’t make me wax poetic, nothing can. Well worth a little ode…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

















Post-Christmas Bling Has Arrived!

ornament-2I have received my winnings! A trio of tasteful and highly discreet little fandom Christmas ornaments that I was so lucky to have won on Day 8 of the 12 Days of Christmas raffles held by the lovely Guylty over the past couple of weeks… as a matter of fact, that raffle was actually on my birthday… though Guylty didn’t know it and neither could the random picker protocol… how about that?!?

ornament-1These would definitely look wonderful on the Christmas tree, adjacent to our weird and wonderful assortment of blown glass ornaments, sparkly poinsettias and random kid creations, but I couldn’t bear to stash them away with the other Christmas decorations that may or may not be taken down this weekend (that’s laughable, actually… normally our Christmas decorations stay up for months after Christmas…) so I decided to decorate my little artificial bonsai tree in my office instead. It looks great with a touch of bling!

They are beautiful, Guylty! You are a crafter extraordinaire! And I also loved the Christmas postcard… how I’d love to catch that man under a mistletoe… *snickers*… it would be mistletoe all through the house, I’m afraid! But I digress… Love how subtle the reference to Richard is… just a sparkly little “R” to pay homage. (*Coughs* If I didn’t already have a 4ft Thorin cut out and multiple photos and magnets of Mr. Armitage, nobody entering my office would even know!) LOL.

Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year! Hope your holidays have been as blessed as mine have been. (((Hugs)))!




GIFFING Richard Armitage… Yahoo TV Interview GOLD!

yahoo1Was anyone else just completely charmed by the playfully expressive and cheerful Richard Armitage we saw on the Yahoo TV video the other day?

I did enjoy the verbal content, to be sure… but it was really the sight of Mr. Armitage in his sexy leather jacket, with collar askew and hair just a bit disheveled that really made an impression…





yahoo2He’s adorable! Yet I couldn’t help but giggle at the gifs as they emerged.

I really have to say that, while his answers were intelligent and showed no indication of a loss of mental acuity, he looks, well, just a bit tipsy at times.



yahoo3No, thank you, Mr. Armitage. For brightening my day with your demonstrative eyebrows, your forehead crinkles, and your bright eyes. 




yahoo4Just… too cute for words.



What’s in that drink, anyway? *snickers*



yahoo5Awwwww. Such an attentive listener.



But it’s the start of the answer that makes me giggle out loud. OMG.





yahoo6Great question, Paris. Who knew he’d self-identify as House of Slytherin?


And with such a charming and conspiratorial air. =)






yahoo7Yep. He’s a-Slither’N.









yahoo8I think I may have missed his answer. I was a little preoccupied with the four lovely thumb strokes.

And that neck.

Oh, God. With all of him.



yahoo9But these facial expressions! Seriously, this interview hit paydirt! Here we have kissable lips, wild astonishment, manly arm-crossing, then a brief flash of tongue… Hot Damn!

Ovarian overload. Seriously.



yahoo10How engaged was he? I literally want to just… jump him. In a good way.


Oh, don’t look so shocked, Mr. Armitage.  LOL



yahoo11And finally, could we please present him with colorful wheels of live stream fortune on a regular basis?


Because that’s just Richard Armitage GOLD.

DeRAnged Tendencies Alive and Well… in Greece!


I have my Badge on display, Guylty! Overlooking Athens…

It’s been a crazy-wonderful several days, and my internal clock is certainly out-of-whack, because here I am wide awake at an unholy hour of dawn listening to the rain outside our hotel in Nafplion, Greece! This is almost like a second honeymoon for Hubby and me… our first vacation together without the kids, which means in over 8 years… and we are loving every minute of it! Which is kind of funny when I think that no kind of second honeymoon would have been planned if it weren’t for Richard Armitage… because we’re along for the ride with several other Armitagers and lead by Obscura on this amazing tour of Athens and the Peloponnese in southern Greece. Who says my Armitaging can’t benefit Hubby?

It’s all a bit of a blur now… the preparations for the trip… the detailed schedules I worked out for the grandparents, who are sharing custody of the kids and have accepted the gauntlet of keeping them fed, bathed, dressed, schooled and busy with after-school activities. Packing the kids, packing ourselves. Arranging for a relief veterinarian, duck-sitter, bills to be paid and payroll to be handled from across the globe… vacation is a lot of work! And I didn’t have to do any of the nitty-gritty planning for the tour itself, so hats off to Obscura who has made all the arrangements for our transit, schedule, dining, accommodations… =)

So last Wednesday night, after our last full day of work, we’d had a good-bye dinner with the kids, deposited them with my parents, dropped the pets off at the clinic, and done our last-minute packing. It was 11:30pm, and my alarm was set for 4:00am, giving me 4 1/2 hours of potential sleep… when BOOM, I finally looked at a Twitter notification from Richard Armitage and was astonished to see that the first 2 episodes of Berlin Station were available right then! Of course, I knew that I was going to be traveling across the globe in a few short hours… but could I resist clicking the link? Of course I couldn’t.


Daniel Miller Screencap… looking as sexy as ever. Of course I got no sleep!

Just a few minutes of watching, I told myself. I’m too excited about Greece to fall asleep immediately anyway… 2 hours later I was not only too excited about Greece to fall asleep, but I had discovered that Berlin Station is entirely binge-watchable! Wow! Talk about a shocking opener! My internal dialogue was something like… “There he is! He’s so pretty… he’s so pretty… oh, man, he looks great in this… he’s so pretty… he’s so…. WHAT!?! Shitfuck! No! No way!”

Suffice it to say that I got exactly zero sleep after watching Berlin Station… something I knew I should regret, but now I’m hearing that people are no longer able to watch it, so I’m patting my deRAnged self on the back for having had no self-control or common sense whatsoever! LOL! I was hoping to revisit those episodes a number of times… because I don’t feel that with all the excitement and exhaustion that I really absorbed all that was available to absorb… but at least I’m not furious that I missed my chance entirely!


Selfie with Hubby at the Acropolis! A dream come true for both of us. =)

Well, my alarm clock is about to go off and I’m looking forward to another full day with this guy (who is the only man on the tour other than our driver, Leonidas, and our amazing foodie local guide, George!) He’s having a blast, even being fully outnumbered!

Until next time, then… Cheers!


Once Again Pondering The Beard…

hip richie

This is how I’d Love, Love, Love to see a young Kenneth. *fans self*

Yeah wow… back in fangirl mode… just like that! So with Richard’s upcoming role as Kenneth in the off-Broadway Roundabout Theatre Company production of Love, Love, Love… we know that the script begins in 1967 or thereabout, with Kenneth as a young 20-something, and progresses through several acts as the character ages into a baby boomer with adult children of his own.

So I’m wondering if the beard will be absent, since it seems like maybe he’d look a little younger without it in the early act? And pondering his 1960’s look, I’m sure the costume will have a hippie vibe, but will he wear a wig of some kind for that younger, long-haired Sixties look?

I kind of hope he won’t have the beard… not in any way a beard hater, but just that his Proctor character had a beard, and as I was lucky enough to see him in the flesh (and found Himself-Bearded very mouth-watering, I might add!)… well, I’d really rather have a closer look at his clean-shaven lips, this time. #fangirlconsiderations


Yes, I need to see this up a little closer.

Like this.







scruffyOr his slightly scruffy and stubbled lips… I’m not really picky.







beard problem

My favorite stage door photo… yeah, I could probably work myself up to seeing this again.

But if the character of Kenneth DOES have a beard… well… that’s a problem I guess I’d love to have.








anson mount


Speaking of beards, and scruff, and long hair, and hot men with blue-grey eyes, I disappeared into one of those “show-holes” the past few weeks watching the AMC series Hell On Wheels, a drama series following the building of the transcontinental railroad. I confess, I have been Seriously Distracted by this series- not only is it an interesting time period, with clashing cultures between Union and ex-Confederate soldiers, freedmen (former slaves), Native Americans, and later in the series, Chinese immigrants… it’s a really good story with characters I love and hate and love to hate… and, well, there’s Cullen Bohannon, played by the seriously gorgeous and basically entirely heavenly Anson Mount. Take a look.



Cullen Bohannon

Am I right?

And as Cullen Bohannon? Ye gods.









Er, anyway… that was a little off topic. But just to, you know, emphasize that I DO like a man in a beard. But back to Richard Armitage.


I. Would. Die. (Happily)

Top hope for Love, Love, Love? I have to say it would look something like this… longer hair, a little scruffy, and no beard. Is it too much to wish for?

I’m In Love, Love, Love… And #RichardArmitage Sure Better Be!


Hi, my name is Hamish, and my mom is smitten…

I AM in love… with this little guy! *Oops, I did it again*… I brought home a new kitten. Who happens to be on my shoulder as I type, purring lovingly. I needed another cat like I needed a hole in the head, but gah! Hamish! It was just Love, Love, Love… mutual, and at first sight!)

And I’m practically purring with excitement, too! Please God let speculations be true about Richard Armitage appearing Off Broadway in Love, Love, Love this fall… because I may or may not have up and booked tickets for it.

WhatAnd therefore I may or may not be certifiably insane, since it’s not yet confirmed. (Don’t tell Hubby that part!) LOL

But let me just take a moment and have a little celebratory dance, because it is starting to look like an exciting fall for those of the Armitage persuasion! Bye, bye, Richard Armitage Drought! Between Berlin Station installments, a possible Brain on Fire release, and (*crosses fingers*) Live Theatre in New York…. WOW! I wonder if it’s too early to start pestering Digital Theatre… ?!


red mohawk

It’s pretty edgy… and I actually love it!

Speaking of the Armitage Drought conditions, I’ve been totally MIA in Armitageworld for quite a long while. While I’ve been gone, this happened… Young Love received the promised red mohawk in return for losing the rat-tail!

May was just ridiculously busy on the veterinary front, then we took the kids to glorious Colorado.

Ah, Colorado. My favorite place to be.

So I was in Colorado when the Alice movie came out… and I haven’t seen it yet. Not sure whether I want to, at least in theaters. As lovely as I’m sure his several minutes will be… I’m not really enough of a Tim Burton admirer to have a big interest.

BUT, I was also in Colorado when RA started tweeting hints about the suspected Mid-Life Crisis project (a British comedy!? RA playing guitar and possibly maybe hopefully oh dear Lord… singing?) An orgasmic YES to all of that, please!!

OK… that’s all the time I have for now! I may come back with a few pics from our Colorado trip in another post. But I’ll leave you with the best of the bunch…

electra all glass

Electra Lake, evening, all glass. June 2016. Photo credit to Hubby!






In Which I BANISHED Thorin Oakenshield

abbydawson (4)This little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is Abby, and she is totally my Number One patient. Not from a financial standpoint, though as a puppy and teenager, she got herself into enough scrapes requiring veterinary attention that she certainly did pay some of the bills. But no, this little cutie-patootie is just my very favorite girl in the world!

I’ve been her beloved best friend veterinarian since she was 6 weeks old, and we just bonded from the first moment we met. I ADORE this little scamp! (And the feeling is entirely mutual).   =)

It never seems to phase her if I have to draw blood, or insert that fecal loop, or give an injection that stings. She may give me sad puppy dog eyes, as if to say, “This again?” but she is always delighted to snuggle up and shower me with love the very next minute.

20140421_152809So whenever Abby comes, as long as there are no other dogs about, her mom or dad lets her off the leash and she races around to find me, and if I’m not to be found, she boogies down the hall and into my office! She jumps onto my lap and gives me all the wiggling happy snuggles and kisses I could possibly want, then jumps onto my couch and makes herself right at home until I am ready, then she follows me back up front and into the exam room where her room her mom or dad is waiting.

Abby’s mom finally stumbled across a child-proofing system for the pantry and the bathroom cabinet, and as a result, Abby hasn’t been raiding the trash or the food supplies and requiring my attention on such a regular basis. In fact, I hadn’t even seen Abby since before Christmas, which means that SHE hadn’t been back to my office, or on my couch, since prior to Thorin Oakenshield’s arrival.

superbowl50beardedbroncosfanI happened to see her mom at the grocery store recently, and told her that while I was glad the little stinker was staying out of trouble, a 6 month absence was just too long and I missed her! Because she’s a lovely woman, Abby’s mom took me at my word, and today she dropped my darling off for “day-boarding” (read: couch napping) while she went off to several doctor’s appointments and an afternoon of shopping.

Abby came rushing down the hall and into my office, launched herself into my lap, and we had a perfectly delightful reunion with kisses and ear scratching and belly rubs, and when I put her back onto the floor, she happily trotted around my desk and hopped onto the couch. I went back to dictating my charts, but was interrupted a few moments later by a sound I hardly thought possible from this soul-sweet little girl: a low GROWL!

Shocked, I looked over the top of my monitor, to see Abby on the couch, looking up over her shoulder at the looming figure of Thorin Oakenshield!!!

With her tail tucked, and watching his every move over her shoulder, she continued to growl and crept to the other end of the couch. Then she slid to the floor, never taking her eye off of the menacing dwarf, and skedaddled around the desk and back into the safety of my lap. I reassured her and loved on her, and she relaxed, but every time she would glance back over her shoulder, she’d tense up again, and even bark!

Poor Abby! She could tell he meant business with that sword! Or maybe she’s just no fan of the Denver Broncos! After about the 10th warning bark, I’d had enough, so I took Thorin out of the office and put him in the kennel area, where he then set off all the other dogs into a barking frenzy! They certainly didn’t like his looks either, and though I hoped they’d pipe down after a few minutes, the racket only escalated!

I’m sorry to report that I have banished Thorin to the garage for the day!









Richard Armitage, White-Shirted


I mean, who wouldn’t sit up and take notice?

It has been rather a long stretch since I posted anything remotely related to Richard Armitage. (In fact, you might almost wonder whether I was no longer preoccupiedwitharmitage!) And that’s a fair question, because if I’m honest, I do find it hard to be half so obsessive about the man when Nothing Much Is Happening. For all those who waited it out while he was off filming The Hobbit: kudos to you! I’m having a hard time of it with not much news on the Armitage front.

Have I lost interest entirely? Apparently not. But I do have to say it was an enormous relief the other day when Richard Armitage, White-Shirted, filming in the Canary Islands for Berlin Station, came across my radar.

So yes! Inspired! Finally!

I do believe I became quite breathless when first I saw the image above.




OK, so maybe it’s not absolutely a white shirt… but dayum. The man still has it.

And who could blame me? =)


With all the talk about how much Daniel reminds us all of Lucas North, I couldn’t help but think he also bears a bit of a resemblance to a different operative… one John Porter… in the image above.


Mmmmm hmmmm.







Aw, an eyebrow furrow! I’ve missed that!

This look really does it for me. There is just something about a man in a casual white button-down shirt.


With heavy stubble as a nice contrast.


(Perry even thought it was a beard from a distance!)





wet hair

Whew. The stubble, the knowing look in his eyes, the barest hint of a smile. And add wet hair into the mix? Stunning.

Yes, I think we can all agree that this man has always rocked the white shirt and heavy stubble.

*Excuse me while I dash water on myself*












He looks pensive about something here. Inner conflict?

I confess… this type of shirt on a handsome man does make me want to unbutton it.

Hubby, I hope you’re not reading this… but if you are… take notes!








Here’s a young one. Where has all his chest hair gone?

Yes, a white button-down shirt is just begging to be opened further.

Down to where one might stumble across a little chest hair, maybe.








shirt open

No, seriously! I know he has chest hair!

Or a belly button.









I wonder… why are you sitting on your hands?

We’d better get you buttoned back up, sir.

Before we all collapse.










Wasn’t there a great hashtag for this on tumblr? Something along the lines of #acollarsituation ?

Maybe we should even add a coat.

I don’t believe I would have survived this look without that coat.








Because I never tire of seeing this one moment.

I’m still not sure how Margaret was able to actually stand up and walk after this.

And the man was wearing his waistcoat.






Because… dayum.

And finally, well… there can’t be a compilation of Richard Armitage, White-Shirted that didn’t include this.







In fact, I think it never hurts to revisit this type of White Shirt Situation.


Or maybe it does hurt. But it hurts so good! =)














Richard Armitage Impresses Even The Most Horrible People


Richard Armitage at Syrian Refugee Center, Berlin, 2016. I wonder if the little girl in the lower left was the laughing “Cinderella” whose sweeping duties were completed by Richard…


That’s right. I’m sure everyone probably saw Richard’s lovely, heartfelt account of his visit to the Syrian Refugee center over the weekend, and if you haven’t made time to read it, you should. Apparently, while I was busy being The Most Horrible person I could be, RA was carrying well-meaning balloons to traumatized children, feeling terrible that he’d never considered that the sound of a balloon popping might be a trigger to them, and making up for it by allowing them to crawl all over his climbable frame, impressing them with his artistically rendered punk-rock hairdos, overcoming his aversion to walls by building them with Legos, and taking up a broom after sharing giggles with a little Cinderella over it.

Sigh. I LOVED this tweet, and it reinforced my admiration of Richard Armitage as a deeply empathetic and generous man, with a heart for people rarely seen in the entertainment industry. It also, however, made me feel lower than whale dung, as I’d screen-capped it early in the day but hadn’t read it until after midnight, after we’d all retired. That’s right- I was too busy being the most horrible person I could be, and celebrating my win, to read the tweet when it first came across my radar.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You see, this weekend was our second (kinda) annual ladies retreat at work, where our fun-loving but horrible gang of ladies leaves behind our pets, our men, and our children and makes for the “mountains” (which are really hills here in Oklahoma) for some time off to recharge. You might think, from the gallery above, that this was an innocent pastime, set in an idyllic lake cottage… but you’d be wrong.

Our retreat WAS set in an idyllic lake cottage, but… well, there’s the alcohol. And the wiener roast. And the hot tub. And Magic Mike XXL with whoops and catcalls.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh, and technically, I suppose we didn’t leave all the children behind. There’s the knocked-up receptionist who swears she “slipped and fell” on, er, something… and ended up pregnant. She didn’t do any of the drinking, but the baby on board didn’t stop her from trading quips about the menfolk, participating in the traditional campfire wiener roast, and it certainly didn’t stop her from competing for the title of “Most Horrible Person”… though that title went to me, and handily.

That’s right. I won Cards Against Humanity, which is the WORST, most politically incorrect, lewd, crude and shocking game for horrible people. Like us.

I won it by a landslide. So ashamed, Richard. Especially after your compassionate, beautiful tweet.

Has anyone else played it? Because while our lovable humanitarian was  laying bare his soul, we were chortling away, answering questions like “When your boyfriend asks you to go down on him, it might be fun to surprise him with _________ instead.” With six players, each person has a turn to read a black card, and the other five play a white card out of a hand of 10. The person reading the black card is then the judge, and the best answer wins the point. In this particular example, I was the judge. Here were my choices:

a. Uranus

b. Multiple stab wounds.

c. Vigorous “jazz hands”

d. Fiery poops

e. Lance Armstrong’s missing testicle.

I mean, how do you even choose? Great, horrible answers, every one!

And damned if I can remember whether I chose “multiple stab wounds” or “Lance Armstrong’s missing testicle”.

Yep. While Richard was pondering the importance of Empathy, I answered “The best way to quell 1.________ is with plenty of 2._________” by playing  “1. the unstoppable tide of Islam” and “2. Queefing”.  I’m ashamed to say, I won that round.

So there were 90 questions, and we played them all. Final score? Well, I had 26 and the remaining 64 were divided between the other players, but I was up by 12. I was definitely in a celebratory mood right up until I read Richard’s inspirational account of HIS day, then I began to feel like the horrible person that I clearly am.

My penance? I made a donation to Richard’s cause of a dollar for every horrible question that was answered in a horrible way. It’s not much, but it made me feel a TINY bit better about myself. Thank you, Richard, for being an inspiration to all of us. I can’t say that I wouldn’t turn right around and play Cards Against Humanity again at the earliest opportunity… but I WILL promise to make a donation on behalf of horrible people, every time.





Linnet Has Sent A Richard Armitage Locket Shrine!!

locket shrine 3I’ve received a lovely, lovely surprise! And I must say, it really couldn’t have come at a more fortuitous moment, as I was up to my ears in tax documents trying to get everything together for the accountant, which is never any fun, and it was the last thing in the world I expected when they brought the mail in. In fact, I studiously ignored the mail for a couple of hours, not in the mood for any more bills. Imagine my surprise when I finally cleared some space on my desk, and reached for the stack of mail to go through and make sure there weren’t any last-minute “Important Tax Document” envelopes to be added to the file box I was compiling… and there on the top of the stack was a padded envelope! What a huge boost to my spirits!

locket shrine 2It contained the first Linnet Moss Richard Armitage Locket Shrine (so honored to be in possession of the first!) and it is a completely unique and beautiful gift. This is the coolest thing! The locket opens up, and little tiny charms can be interchanged to create a whole different look. In the photo, you can see how tiny they are in comparison to a ball point pen! She included two larger photos, one of John Proctor and one of myself with RA at the Stage Door, and on the back side of these, she’s put a screencap of my preoccupiedwitharmitage blog tag cloud. If you remove one of these larger photos, you can insert a variety of the smaller charms and gems, including a faceted Peridot gemstone (RA’s birthstone). She’s miniaturized the “Iconic Man” edit that Guylty and I worked on recently, as well as a black and white version of Proctor, then an eye photo (love, love, love!! My personal fave!) and another facial front-shot in color. There’s an itty-bitty Hobbit book (inside cover of which shows RA as Thorin) which is just incredibly adorable, as well as an “Arkenstone” and a filigree gold clasp. Just one piece of gold, to appease the dragon-sickness!

Linnet is a talented jewelry artist and has shared details about how she constructed the locket shrine, along with better pictures and tips for anyone who might be interested in creating their own, over at her blog. It contains a little bit of me, a little bit of Linnet, and several little bits of the beautiful man who has inspired our fandom.

I absolutely adore it, Linnet, and will treasure it! Thank you!