A Temporary Damper on the Richarding Life

There comes a time in every Richard Armitage admirer’s schedule when the demands of Real Life unfortunately interfere with her Richarding needs. I may not have too much time to post in the next 2 weeks because we are 2 weeks out from our veterinary AAHA inspection at work. There are thousands of standards that must be met, with new protocols that need to be written and so on. AAHA certification is completely voluntary, and it’s about meeting a higher standard of care. I’m proud to be AAHA certified, but it sure is a pain in the rear a lot of hard work when inspection time rolls around… they only inspect every 3 years, and it’s an all day affair. (They spend the 3 years between inspections coming up with new protocols for the veterinarians to write up, I am convinced.)

I regret to announce that, at 5:59pm on Inspection Eve, we must dismantle our fridge display. This is because, sadly, AAHA does not stand for Armitage Admiring Hospital Association.

If that was what AAHA stood for, we’d be ready.


  1. guylty · October 3, 2014

    Lol. The hardship. But sure, the fridge will only be bare for the duration of the inspection? And then it will be new and better.
    Good luck with your preparations!


    • jholland · October 3, 2014

      Thank you! It’s an all-female staff and the inspector is a woman, so we thought about just leaving the fridge as is. I’m sure on some level she’d love the fridge as much as the next lady. In fact, maybe she’d award extra points for our efforts to boost morale, or maybe she’d be so distRActed she might spend the whole day inspecting the fridge. But we’d rather not find out we were wrong about that, lol.


  2. Helen · October 4, 2014

    Good luck with the preparations and the inspection! I take my hat off to you. I’ve never met a vet that wasn’t a wonderful, kind, caring person (quite apart from being even cleverer that doctors!) 🙂


    • jholland · October 4, 2014

      Aww, thank you on behalf of veterinarians. I’m sure many a doctor is as clever, but as we like to joke, we do treat more than one species! lol It’s an interesting profession, and profoundly rewarding, and yet our profession has the third highest suicide rate. I may blog about it a bit, in between my Richarding madness.


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