Limerick: In Honor of #TheCrucibleOnScreen

It was 6:00 AM when the alarm clock sounded
I yawned, checked my phone, and was instantly astounded!
“The Old Vic’s The Crucible – coming soon”
Right there in my inbox, and I was over the moon!
The announcement we’ve longed for… I finally found it!

I’ve never jumped out of my bed quite so fast…
Or danced into the bathroom… Hubby aghast!
I simply must explode
Into limerick mode
To celebrate this news at long last!

It’s coming! It’s coming! On March Seventeen…
The Crucible! John Proctor! The wash basin scene!
Just kidding, #onlyjoking
(I know that’s provoking)
I’m just overwhelmed to soon see this onscreen!

The news is everywhere now, on social media galore
Facebook and Twitter; Forums, Blogs and more
Is Digital Theatre prepared
Will servers crash when it’s aired?
Has an entire Army ever downloaded before?

I’d like to thank Digital Theatre and The Old Vic
For making it possible, with simply a click
For thousands to experience
Yael and Richard’s brilliance
And for providing me with such a fine morning kick!

Richard Armitage as John Proctor is well worth the wait…
My pleasure is heartfelt, and will not abate.
What a Day! What a Friday! We’ve waited so long!
I feel like dancing, singing, and ringing a gong…
Even knowing, as I do, that this play… devastates.









Damn. Another Spontaneous Ovarian Combustion…

Remember the absolute excitement when the very first tweets came rolling in when The Crucible premiered? I’ll never forget this Tweet:

Clearly, that was of great interest! I remember sending a PM of that tweet to my cousin, with words along the lines of “Fanning myself! OMG!”


Richard Armitage as John Proctor. Infamous wash-basin scene, Act 2, The Crucible, 2014 Old Vic Theatre. Photos found at

And the scene did not disappoint, especially from the first row, when it happened 2 feet in front of me. I remember my heart rate was elevated, and I felt flushed and light-headed.

Happened again this morning when I came across these photos. Damn him. I can hardly type when I look at these.