I Will Now Resume My Regular Richarding Schedule

So today was Our Big Day, the once-every-three-year-big-long-exhausting-nerve-wracking AAHA Inspection to keep our veterinary AAHA-Accreditation. I’m happy to announce that we passed with flying colors, so I can now return to my normal Richarding routines. I am unbelievably grateful that, in honor of this very important day, I successfully resisted the urge to check Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, Armitage forum discussions and what-not while Inspector Lisa was in the house. I mean, if I’d seen that latest tweet in the midst of the inspection, it could have been disastrous…

* * *


Yes. This is #Winning.

Inspector Lisa: Will you please tell me your protocol for technician safety in the radiology room?
Me: RAdiology??

Inspector Lisa: What protective eyewear do you and your employees use during dental procedures?
Me: Eyewear. No, unfortunately. I saw none. But… eyes of blue. His eyes are so damn blue.

Inspector Lisa: Does your surgery suite have positive pressure ventilation?
Me: Positive pressure. Positive pressure. I think someone applied the right amount of positive pressure to induce him to tweet that selfie. Positive pressure is my friend.

Inspector Lisa: Do you run blood typing tests before every transfusion?
Me: Yes, blood typing. My blood type is the hot-running type. It’s running hot at the moment.

Inspector Lisa: Does your practice offer OFA hip certification radiographs?
Me: Did you say Lip Certification?

* * *

All’s well that ends well. And thankfully, the boys – I mean puppies and kittens- can now return to the fridge.