My Exotic Side Piece… Or, What’s the Turkish word for “Obsession”? #ErkenciKus

Armitage Army Investigator: Jholland, isn’t it? And you are the admin for the “” fan site, are you not?

Me: Yes, and yes, Ma’am.

AAI: Let’s cut to the chase. Where have you been?

Me: You wouldn’t believe it if I told you. I would never have believed it either.

AAI: Jholland, Castlevania was released a week ago. You were waiting over a year for that. Where have you been?

Me: ….. Oh. Hmmmm? …..

AAI: Castlevania? Armitage?! Where have you been?

Me: Look at this.


Can Yaman 2


AAI: Who is that? Is that where you’ve been?

Me:  Just … those laugh lines, right?

AAI: (*Snorts*) Right… And yet, it seems self-evident this might have… become… (*Clears Throat*) Or I should say, what’s unbelievable?

Me: Well, it’s just a bit quirky. But… who blames me?

AAI: No really, who is that?

Me: He only leads The. Hottest. Thing. Happening…. on Turkish TV!



AAI: Did you say… Turkish TV? Seriously, who is that?

Me: So please, PLEASE check it out! Erkenci Kus!  By the time you binge it entirely, you might be prepared to wait in agonized suspense for the-

AAI: Jholland! FOCUS! Who is that?

Me: It’s Can Yaman! Can Bey!  Can is pronounced “John/Jean” though! Weird right? I never knew I could go for a man-bun but dayum!  I’m learning a bit of Turkish! I have knowledge of where to find every episode with English subtitles if you need it!

AAI: You’re way ahead of yourself! I just-

Me: And look at this!!


The production knows what they have in him… shameless ogling opportunities abound…

AAI: …. Can Yaman, you said?

Me: It’s not just about how hot this gorgeous Turkish man is, though! Erkenci Kus is HILARIOUS! I love the lead actress who plays Sanem, Can’s love interest! I do! I love her just as much! It all just makes me happy!



Actress playing Sanem (Demet Ozdemir) has wonderful comedic timing. *coughs*

AAI: But… how did… OK, that is distracting me. I do see what happened.

Me: You DON’T know the half! I have been Giffing EK like crazy. I’m all over the #Canem hashtag! Binged 16 Episodes, and now I’m in the same boat as the other fans… the joy of weekly strong anticipation!!



The feels and the flutters all over again, watching them fall in love!

Me:  Look at these two! Oh! And there is some kind of rumor that the Turkish government will fine productions thousands of dollars for getting too… erotic…






The chemistry is off the charts

Me: Which means it’s all kisses and some flashes of male muscle…. really top-notch flashes, we’re talking! Whew…. but how did I learn of it? It was recommended by a smart, funny  author I enjoy in her fall newsletter…  I’m just glad I was stuck at an appointment, just killing time in a waiting room, clicked that link, and #BOOM #Fandomnumber2 #preoccupiedwithcanem!



Need some goofy comedy? Erkenci Kus!

Me: Erkenci Kus is refreshingly so silly…but with a healthy dose of self-irony! And I know it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and I’d sure as hell never have thought that what basically amounts to a Turkish “telenovela” with a fantastic comedic core would so capture my heart… Erkenci Kus translates to “Early Bird”… and it’s such a mood enhancer! I kid you not, I have woken Hubby up while laughing like a loon in bed, completely unable to contain myself! And another time I spewed a drink through my nose…. partly to do with the hilarious subtitles! Let’s just say that they (the devoted fans who create the subtitles) probably over-utilize Google-Translate, with side-splittingly funny results!

Me: Anyway… I just love it! The setting is Istanbul, and that Mediterranean culture just totally reminds me of Greece! And I am learning Turkish hand gestures! I want to share it! You should check it out for sure and then we can talk about it!!!!! They are so in love, but it all goes wrong!



Me: And it’s impossible, once you’re hooked on #Canem, to imagine them breaking it off…. but ohGods it turns into an emotional rollercoaster!


Me: AAI?

AAI: …. MmmmmmHmmmmm….OH!  Ah… what?

Me: But even when it breaks my heart, the same episode will have laugh out loud moments!  It just lightens my mood in a world gone mad….



AAI: I bet it does! Oh, Jeez. Did you see this fanvid?

Me: Yes. Yes I have. Oh, you have so much delight in front of you! Like this one, which is practically NSFW….  not safe anywhere. But… back to Castlevania. I’ll get to it when EK is over.

AAI: Yeah.

Me: So is that all for now? AAI?

AAI: Hmmmm?

Me: If we’re all done here… I have a thing….


He so deserved it….