Giffing #Castlevania, or: I’m Sweet on Trevor Belmont

Castlevania… I’d never heard of it, either as a game or as a Netflix series, until enterprising fandom members began speculating that Richard Armitage was connected. I was immediately intrigued because it was coming soon on a platform that caters to my binge-watching tendencies so nicely, and of course because if there is one quality about Richard Armitage that never changes for me, it is his ability to captivate me with his voice. On the down-side, I’m just not that into the whole vampire/monster genre, I’ve never caught any kind of anime bug, and I’ve sure as hell never been any kind of gamer. Although, as a side note, I DO play, and I admit it tickled me pink to see a worm called “Trevor Belmont” on the leader board yesterday… prior to this I’d have figured Trevor Belmont was some player’s actual name! So yay! A fellow player, and one good enough to get onto the leader boards, has probably watched Castlevania and probably digs Trevor, too!

So while it was no surprise that Richard Armitage nailed the voice role, and that I enjoyed every moment of his dialogue… it was really an unexpected pleasure to actually find myself caught up in the story to the point that I binged all available episodes last Friday evening, then went back for a second helping the next day. Not only that, but I plan to subject Hubby to the first episode and if he likes it, I’ll go it a third time. Actually, I’ll probably go it a third time whether Hubby likes it or not! And without a doubt, I was left wanting more. [Spoilers follow]

More of Trevor Belmont, with his wide shoulders, scruffy jaw and emo hair. Trevor Belmont, with his acerbic wit and laissez-faire approach to Wallachia’s doom and destruction. Have I ever said how much I appreciate the quintessential, unwilling antihero archetype?

I just love this guy. Pretty much everything about him, and from the moment he delivered his one word of dialogue at the end of episode 1.

He’s just a bad ass. And damned if he’s not easy on the eyes.



In the beginning of Episode 2, Trevor is sloshed with drink, but manages to stumble into a tavern-fight after his family crest is identified by several belligerent villagers.

I loved the humor in this scene, as the aforementioned bad-ass takes a heavy beating (and a couple of kicks to the testicles) before he sobers up enough to fight.



Have I mentioned how much I loved his tattered cloak? It totally embodies Trevor’s outcast, shabby nobility.

I confess I was concerned for the cloak when Trevor ascended the sewage shaft in pursuit of his breakfast. And I was sorry to see him shed the cloak when the time came for our reluctant warrior to step up to the plate and commit to his mission.


Which took him a while. It seems Trevor Belmont, while mildly curious about the town’s defenses, was rather unenthusiastically stirred to step in to preserve the life of an Elder of the Speakers from a pair of bloodthirsty priests.

After doing his one good deed for the day, however, we learn he entered Gresit genuinely only interested in his breakfast, and hoped to lose his sobriety soon after.


Trevor Belmont has resigned himself to life as a loner. The last living son of the House of Belmont, he seems to enjoy his own company well enough.

He constantly talks aloud to himself, and I confess, I adore his internal dialogue, and how he stumbles, swaggers and swashbuckles through the world, muttering salty, sardonic commentary for his own diversion along the way.



But Belmont does have mad skills, when he bestirs himself. We have our first real taste of Belmont in monster-combat when he encounters a Cyclops in the subterranean vaults. (He can’t seem to shake that inconvenient soft spot for the Speakers, and in an effort to nudge them out of Gresit before they come under attack, he offers to fetch the probably dead missing grandchild of the Elder, who disappeared while searching for a sleeping savior under the city.)


Turns out, his assumption was wrong… that grandchild wasn’t a dead boy, but a young woman, Sypha, and the death of the Cyclops restored her to her family.

That’s all done, then… after telling the Speakers that the Bishop is “Beyond insane, over the top and into new lands of just snake-fuckingly crazy” (one of my favorite lines!), Trevor Belmont is ready to casually, and callously, move on.


But not before we see a few sparks fly between Trevor and Sypha. I’m hoping there might be a romantic angle between these two, in the future. I’d really love to see Trevor Belmont become twisted up over a scholar.

Who’d have thought I’d be shipping animated characters so readily? LOL


And when it becomes clear the Speakers have no intention of leaving, Belmont finally decides to throw in his lot to defend them. Or the city. He’s not completely clear on his plan, but he hides the Speakers and confronts the priests, with the town mob behind them.

Off comes the tattered cloak, and we have our first real look at Trevor Belmont as noble warlord.


When Trevor finds himself surrounded by the mob, Sypha reveals herself as an elemental mage, protecting him with a ring of fire from her position on a rooftop, and earning an admiring look from Belmont.

Who just seems to get sexier every time I look at him.



And now, Trevor Belmont takes command. The hordes of Hell are descending as night falls on the town, and Belmont begins issuing orders, all business.

I have to hand it to him… Richard Armitage does “battle commander” so very forcefully well.


After the ground collapses, Trevor and Sypha fall together through several levels and waken a sleeping, shirtless vampire. Sypha sees the savior of Speaker prophesy, but Trevor’s cynicism shines. He stalks about and casts aspersions (“Tell that to your floating vampire Jesus!”), then gladly rises to the vampire’s challenge.



Possibly my favorite moment: Alucard, son of Dracula, having separated Belmont from whip and sword, pins him down with neck exposed, and asks if he has a last prayer. “Dear God, please don’t let the vampire’s guts ruin my good tunic.” This. This final little piece of snark, as Alucard discovers a dagger in his torso… if I wasn’t already half in love with Trevor Belmont, this would have sealed the deal.

A cooler mind prevails, ultimately, as Sypha steps in before the vampire and the hunter can simultaneously end one another.

Season 1 ends with the trio of vampire savior, hunter and scholar entering a wary accord, their mutual goal to destroy Dracula before Dracula destroys Wallachia.


My biggest complaint? Season 1 was far too short! Like a lovely appetizer, but now we must wait for the main course to be served.

I, for one, can hardly wait.










  1. Guylty · July 13

    I second all that! If I were at home, I’d have created a shrine to this snarky-snake-fuckinkly-sexy anti-hero already. Best bit? The dirty mouth! More is definitely needed!


    • jholland · July 14

      Right? Who knew that hearing Richard Armitage say “snake-fuckingly” anything would be such a happy trigger? LOL… he does have a very dirty mouth. I’m on pins and needles to see this shrine…


  2. SueBC · July 13

    I’m hoping for a Trevor/Sypha romantic entanglement too! I could see there being lots of arguing and putting Trevor in his place and snarky commentary… wouldn’t that be fun!
    Nice gifs! (One day I’ll have to figure out how to do that!)


    • jholland · July 14

      I use Giffing Tool on my PC- easy-peasy, and kind of fun! And yes, it’s all kinds of fun to imagine what would come out of his mouth if Trevor Belmont becomes (unwillingly, I’m sure) entangled…

      Liked by 1 person

      • SueBC · July 14

        Oh thanks! One of these days when I have some time I’ll give it a go!


  3. Servetus · July 13

    Great GIFs! I love his snarkiness, but I am so not interested in the romantic angle. But I’m not tremendously worried that the series will force me into consuming that kind of annoyance, because I doubt that the people that they see as their core audiences are, either. I’m also relatively sure there will be plenty of fanfic that addresses Trevor’s love life.


    • jholland · July 14

      I should say, it’s not exactly the idea of seeing them locked in a passionate embrace that interests me… what intrigues me would be seeing Trevor Belmont in a state of pent-up desire, and all the interesting dialogue and snark such discomfort on his part might deliver. And which would no doubt provide the fanfic crowd with all kinds of fodder…. =)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Esther · July 15

    Nice recap and love all the gifs! I never quite fell in love with the story but I do really like Trevor and a nice romantic Sypha angle would be cool for the future, I agree.
    It’s so nice to ‘see you’ again. 🙂


    • jholland · July 17

      Thanks, Esther. That I’d pop back in to blog on an animated vampire series based on a video game surprises even me!! lol

      Liked by 2 people

      • Esther · July 17

        I hope you’re a little better now?


        • jholland · July 17

          I really couldn’t be better, given the diagnosis. It’s full steam ahead for now… just been very busy!

          Liked by 2 people

        • Esther · July 18

          I’m so glad to hear it!


  5. lindenrose · July 17

    I was on one of my Richard Armitage binge again (triggered since the release of Castlevania on Netflix) and came across your blog. I love reading your blog (you had me laughing out loud on several occasions, esp the he had you at “Stephens” LOL). It’s so nice to know that I’m not the only person Richard Armitage can turn into a giddy school girl with every steps he takes :). Nicer still to see that we both have King Charles Cavalier spaniels as part of our families (and husbands who haven’t threatened to kick Richard Armitage’s ass for their wives’ tomfooleries :P).


    • jholland · July 17

      Thank you so much for your kind words, and welcome! I’ve been absent for a while, but it makes me happy to think of someone stumbling upon the evidence of my tomfoolery from months and years past and having a laugh! It sounds like we have quite a bit in common- I’m hugely in love with my Roxie, who cracks us up every time we turn around! And an understanding husband? Priceless. LOL


  6. Perry · July 20

    I see you haven’t lost your deft touch with Gifs and accompanying explanations – good to have you back. I think if there’s a romantic twist, it’s more likely to be with Alucard, but my hunch is that what we’ll see is a little competition between the two men, which may be humorous.


    • jholland · July 21

      Thanks, Perry! I’m quite sure you’re right about the competitive angle between Alucard and Belmont… they couldn’t resist leaping into battle within moments of meeting one another, and so I think (at least I hope) there will be some one-upmanship at play, at the very least in a verbal context, but probably also in battle prowess, in future episodes. It’s fun to speculate about a romantic triangle… from my first impression of Sypha, she seems to be fairly goal-oriented and I have a hard time seeing her getting lost in a deep romantic sense, but I could see Alucard, out of boredom if nothing else, pursue her to amuse himself and to rile Trevor, maybe…


  7. Gratiana Lovelace · October 25

    Hi Jenn, I nominated you for “The Mystery Blogger Award”. Please see my post linked below (about my being nominated by Esther) to find out how this mutually supportive award process works, in case you’re interested in participating. Hugs & Cheers! Grati ;->

    Liked by 1 person

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