A Few #FrancisDolarhyde Edits


Just a bit of profile porn from Episode 10, Brooklyn Museum scene.

Guess what!? I finally installed my preferred photo editor on my laptop, and found out the Mac version works on png files!

This means my screencaps of Hannibal (meaning, Richard) don’t have to be emailed to the desktop, then converted to jpg, then edited to my satisfaction.

This is going to be very useful as I race to get out my impressions on Episode 11. Or not, depending on how well I like it.





Because, well, isn’t that just a bit enlightening? I mean, if you’ve ever wondered what he looks like at… certain moments?

Last weekend, Episode 10 rather overwhelmed me, and  ok, let’s face it: FD basically took over my entire weekend.

Is it any wonder why? There really isn’t an adequate word or phrase to convey how much I really enjoyed editing this one.





No words. None.

Ahem! Anyway, this weekend I have a play date lined up for the kids on Saturday and… um… what was I saying?

Oh. Right. Then a birthday celebration for my brother to host, so who knows how successful I’ll be.




What quilt?  

Plus, I’m really trying to finish up the long-abandoned quilt I was working on so I can get started on a new quilt that interests me more.

Although, no quilt seems to invigorate me half so much as all this new Armitage material, so that might be a pipe dream.




Just the thought of Hannibal being finished makes me need a strong drink.

At least until we get through these next three episodes. (*Sobs*)

Anyway, so tonight I played around with a few screencaps on my laptop, which I’ll share here.





boxer briefs.pngPretty easy on the eyes, isn’t he? Yes, this new laptop editor is going to make my life so much more pleasurable.

Er, easier.








run francis run.png

Normally, I disapprove of running in the house. Unless the disruption looks like this.

Next up, figure out how to do gifs on the Mac….

OK, gotta run!




  1. jmajohn07 · August 13, 2015

    Very very nice work. Love it! ❤


  2. Chrissy · August 14, 2015

    Wow – erm very lovely pics …. thank you xx


    • jholland · August 14, 2015

      Hi Chrissy! You’re most welcome! I’m not the most faithful of screen grabbers. Somehow I always seem to capture only the… shall we say… aesthetically appealing moments… Oh, ok, the sexy stuff! LOL


  3. Helen · August 14, 2015

    Sigh. Thanks for these 🙂

    The first pic is interesting because his profile has definitely been changed for Francis, hasn’t it – obviously a fairly thick prosthesis to create the cleft lip scar.


    • jholland · August 14, 2015

      LOL- I see you’re a studious connoisseur of the profile… I hadn’t noticed until you pointed that out. I’m forever seeing only the noble nose. =)


  4. linnetmoss · August 14, 2015

    Wow! I am so thankful that you ladies are extracting all the sexy, nonviolent bits for my enjoyment! He really does have the most amazing body. My mouth fell open at some of these pics. I thought it was interesting that your husband viewed the caveman moment as perhaps the beginning of fearsome violence, whereas to the female eye it signals something quite different, in the way he sweeps her up in his arms. Though with this character, you never quite know…


    • jholland · August 14, 2015

      Oh, it did? Which pics left you gaping, may I ask? =)
      Yeah, that was interesting how Hubby’s initial reaction was “Oh, no no no!” and mine was “Oh, yes yes yes!” LOL. It’s true, though, that the danger factor is always present in the back of your mind, and especially as we move into the final several episodes, it’s going to get more unpredictable as they will likely deviate a bit more from the source material.


      • linnetmoss · August 14, 2015

        His hand holding the martini glass (twice). That amazing body, leaning over in the photo you labeled “What quilt?” And when I saw the one of him in his undies, I nearly fell off my chair. He really is magnificent.


  5. Hariclea · August 14, 2015

    being finished…. ‘ggg’ sorryy.. can’t stop giggling, i know it’s not what you meant 😉
    He does have a beautiful run, doesn’t he? The profile just kills me, i just want to trace it from forehead to throat (insert kissy kissy noises 😉 )
    Thanks for this and looking forward to the gifs 🙂
    Enjoy the weekend and hope you can squeeze some TV time in! x


    • jholland · August 14, 2015

      Oh, there’s no doubt I’ll be watching. Whether I have the time to watch as fanatically as I did last weekend is the question. And the giffing is very problematic on my desktop- I just can’t stream at high enough quality due to our remote location, which is why my gifs of Ep. 10 are sort of blurry. It would be great to figure out how to make a gif on the laptop, where streaming isn’t an issue. I know there are programs out there for macs, but there’s always a learning curve for me. Might fall back on screencaps on my Ep. 11 post.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. utepirat · August 14, 2015

    You “make my life so much more pleasurable“, too. Thanks for the edit, it speaks for itself 😀


    • jholland · August 14, 2015

      Oh, it was my pleasure. My very great pleasure. =)


  7. AnotherRAFan · August 14, 2015

    Thank you. These are beautiful. I’m unable to watch Hannibal ( cannot tolerate the sight of blood) so I’m basically living on these pictures. Btw my son saw me see these pictures and asked me ” Why is Richard always naked ?”

    Liked by 1 person

    • jholland · August 14, 2015

      Lol! How to answer that? That’s just how he rolls… That’s part of his job… Doesn’t everyone run around the house in their underwear? Certainly no complaints from this quarter. =)


      • Servetus · August 16, 2015

        he has a clothing allergy.


        • jholland · August 17, 2015

          That explains it! I suppose we’ll all just have to suffer through it. =)


  8. Guylty · August 15, 2015

    Love the edits! Crisp and clear, and always focussing on the right things… Here’s to many more edits and gifs from you 🙂 And hey, enjoy the weekend, the gifs won’t go off just because you are making them a day later than usual. RL first! X


    • jholland · August 15, 2015

      True, true! Actually my RL is taking over 2 weekends in a row. This weekend is busy as it is, plus I’m preparing for next weekend, when I’ll be travelling for another wedding in Colorado! =)


      • Guylty · August 16, 2015

        Oh, Colorado again. How nice. I still remember the pictures you posted last time. Hope it’s not going to be too hot for you.


        • jholland · August 16, 2015

          Compared to Oklahoma, it will be gloriously cool, no matter the temp! We’ll be at elevation, so I’m expecting it’ll be just gorgeous.


        • Guylty · August 16, 2015

          ooops, there you go – my geography got that completely wrong. Sounds great then.


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