I Wonder If There Will Be A “Places I Would Like To Kiss Richard Armitage: #DolarhydeDental Edition”

dental selfie1

How about it, Servetus? =)



  1. sparkhouse1 · July 20, 2015

    The glamourus world of showbiz!


  2. sparkhouse1 · July 20, 2015

    Wonder if he kept the teeth? Because it looks like they came with a lovely presentation box. lol

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  3. zan, O1C · July 20, 2015

    I’d bet he’s scrolling through #dolarhydedental right now. 😉

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  4. linnetmoss · July 21, 2015

    This is so hilarious. It proves he isn’t vain 🙂


    • jholland · July 21, 2015

      No doubt about it… he’s letting it all hang out with this one… =)

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  5. Fatima · July 22, 2015

    It still beats not freezing an ass off, and I even tweeted him that. Three words: Toronto in winter.


    • jholland · July 22, 2015

      Oh, I’m sure it was very toasty in that dental office… hot flashes among the staff, I’d daresay! LOL

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  6. Hariclea · July 22, 2015

    LOL, actors and what they have to put themselves through 😉 Good of him to share :-p Now i’ll think of this whenever Dolly gets scary. It does make me wonder though if he used some implement to distort his speech or if it was just him working at it 🙂 yes, would love that QA! The really sticky taped him around his neck :-D, looks a bit rough


    • jholland · July 22, 2015

      Yeah, it looks almost like a two year old had a hand in this dental work. I mean… what a mess there with that blue goo! LOL.

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