Confessions Of An Ogling Cinema-Goer


Thanks to Gymnastics Play Night, which happens once per month on a Saturday evening from 6:30pm to 10:30pm, Hubby and I have a guaranteed date night at least that often. While the kids have supervised free reign with 98 other little revelers in the gymnastics gym, climbing the equipment, diving into the Styrofoam-cube filled pit, jumping on the enormous trampoline, and generally burning off energy, Mommy and Daddy have a lovely evening to ourselves. I don’t know who looks forward to Gymnastics Play Night more… us or them. LOL


The Moore Warren Theatre

While occasionally we might go out to dinner to a nice restaurant, or do something more cerebral, such as host a family viewing of The Crucible Onscreen, by far the most common date night simply involves a trip to the movies at the Moore Warren Theatre. Let me just say, I love that theatre. 17 screens, so always plenty of options and showtimes. An incredible IMAX. Really comfortable seating with plenty of leg room in all the theatres, the latest sound systems, always clean, always a comfortable temperature, and best of all, they have a diner that serves very tasty food (at a reasonable premium) that you can take into any movie. They also have an “Upstairs” area, for 21 yrs and older, that serves alcoholic beverages, so you can have a drink before or after the movie, or even during the movie if you attend the movie in the “balcony” seating.

Aside from occasional no-brainers, such LOTR or Hobbit films, we have a system for deciding which movie we’ll see. We simply alternate who picks the movie. If there’s something I really want to see but know he’ll sleep through, I try to see it on my own time. And if there’s something he really wants to see but knows I’d strongly dislike, he simply waits until it comes out on HBO or DVD. That still leaves a lot of movies that are in between- movies each of us might not choose to see on our own, but are willing to try for the sake of the other. *Coughs* Which brings me to the title of this post.

Confessions of an Ogling Cinema-Goer. Yes, well… while Hubby is no doubt virtuously attending my choices to please me, I, on the other hand, usually have my own agenda when I don’t shoot down one of his choices by intimating that I’d strongly dislike seeing it. Here are a few of Hubby’s choices that I have “suffered through” with tongue in cheek:

1. 300 (2006)


300 (2006)

Violence… practically nonstop battle… stylized gore. That pretty much describes 300.


Gerard Butler as Leonidas

But, well… Gerard Butler as Leonidas.

Need I say more?


I couldn’t help but notice your… ah… beard.

One other happy outcome of this movie was that after several subtle hints and compliments on Leonidas’ jawline-accentuating beard, Hubby agreed to try a similar beard on himself, and I’ve been enjoying that ever since 2006.

So my self-indulgence sacrifice watching 300 had unforeseen and long-lasting benefits. LOL

2. 300: Rise of An Empire (2014)


300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

In fact, as much as I “suffered” while watching the first 300, I must admit that I agreed to indulge in subject myself to a second round of over-the-top, extravagant bloodshed when Hubby suggested we see the sequel, 300: Rise of An Empire.


Sullivan Stapleton as Themistocles

Why would I, you ask? Well, let me think… Oh! I have it! Sullivan Stapleton as Themistocles may have had something to do with it. What an abominable accomodating wife!

3. Conan the Barbarian (2011)


Conan the Barbarian (2011)

Yes, ladies, I have had to enjoy endure some severe hardships in my cinema-going career with Hubby. Take Conan the Barbarian, for example. Undoubtedly one of the silliest movies I’ve been to.


Jason Momoa as Conan

But Jason Momoa as Conan… well, I just had to grin and bask in bear it. Really. Grinning, that is.


Hmmm. There’s that jawline beard again on Khal Drogo. I seem to have a real weakness for it.

You see, that one came out just after Season 1 of Game of Thrones aired, when I’d first stumbled across the lovely Jason Momoa in his role as the uber-sexy savage Dothraki warrior Khal Drogo. I fear it went from “Conan the Barbarian? Not a chance” to “Oh, ok, if you insist” when Hubby mentioned who’d be starring as Conan.

Yes, you see how it is.

4. The Avengers (2012) 


The Avengers (2012)

I don’t generally care at all for superhero movies. I mean, I did sit through a certain Captain America: The Winter Soldier once, for Richard’s sake, but I regretted that after Heinz Krueger bit the cyanide capsule and felt the rest of my time was sadly wasted. However, before RA had even entered the picture for me, I did find myself at the The Avengers movie on one of Hubby’s turns to pick.


Other ladies might agree to subject themselves to The Avengers for Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, but for some odd reason, I could take Thor or leave him. No, it’s Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye that does it for me.

Normally, that would have been an automatic “Nope!” for me, but… Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. Something about that guy. I can’t even put my finger on why, but Renner’s just one of those males that makes my normal movie-going sensibilities just… fade away. And yes, Hubby has mentioned he’d like to see the next one, so I suppose I’ll have to yield to somehow withstand Hawkeye’s charms once again.

5. Expendables 2 (2012)


The Expendables 2 (2012)

My theatre oglings ordeals with Hubby don’t always pan out just the way I’d like. How was I to know that Liam Hemsworth’s Billy The Kid character in Expendables 2 was destined to die so early on?


You were lovely, Liam Hemsworth, young Billy. While you lasted.

Yes, I found myself at Expendables 2 ready to revel in tolerate a torturous couple of hours watching the younger and IMO hotter Hemsworth brother, when the young sniper expired after a very few minutes of screen time! It was a disaster, I tell you.

6. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)


Mad Max: Fury Road (May 2015)

The last movie we saw together was my pick, Child 44 (2015), starring the very compelling Tom Hardy. That movie was terrifying and compelling, and not because of the child murders. But I only mention it because it seems likely we’ll have back-to-back Tom Hardy movies, with the next pick being Hubby’s with Mad Max: Fury Road.


Tom Hardy as Max Rocka-whoever

Sigh. No, I’m not all that excited about the concept of another Mad Max movie. But, well… Tom Hardy will be Mad Max. LOL

In Conclusion

And now, after making all these very cathartic confessions about the nature of my sufferings and theatre-going amusements hardships, I thought I’d end on a more wholesome note. Above, I had mentioned that the Leonidas-style beard was inspirational to me, and how much I prefer Hubby’s beard now that it accentuates his jawline like a Spartan Sex God  so nicely. So I’ve included 2 pretty cute photos that not only demonstrate the difference in the beard, but also just bring… well… warm fuzzies of a different variety. You’ll see what I mean. =)


Hubby finds baby bunnies while mowing occasionally. Here’s one showing beard circa pre-2006.


Another sweaty-from-mowing Hubby with baby bunny, showing beard circa last weekend. Now how cute is that pic? =)


Have a great weekend, everyone…



  1. Servetus · April 24, 2015

    Like a Spartan sex god, indeed.


    • jholland · April 24, 2015

      Well, in case he reads this. He’ll feel the love and ignore the other content. *snickers*

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Servetus · April 24, 2015

    Tell him if you ever cut him loose he can stop my by mine on the way out of town. Tickets to the front row of the Crucible in London? 85 GBP if you can get them. A man who does not feel threatened by Richard Armitage ?? Priceless.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jholland · April 24, 2015

      Truer words were never spoken. Now I feel doubly blessed for having had both the front row ticket and the man who is all the more sexy for his nonchalance about Richard. I’d not cut Hubby loose, though, and he knows it. =)

      I didn’t post it because it didn’t show the beard as well as the side view, but he alerted me that he’d found that latest bunny baby by texting me a selfie with it. Of course I texted back “Awwwww”.
      His reply: “I know, right?” then a moment later “What do you think of the bunny?”

      Liked by 3 people

      • Hariclea · April 26, 2015

        too cute! and funny!… i meant the bunnies 😀 (not! 😉 )


  3. Servetus · April 24, 2015



  4. Hariclea · April 26, 2015

    the little fuzzies are a-dorable! and erm, i have to confess.. erm.. i’ve seen nearly all those movies LOL Seriously, out of my own volition 🙂 It is why i keep paying the cable movie channels, so i get to see this kind of stuff for free, would probably not pay a cinema ticket, but i do enjoy them. Haven’t gotten round to Avengers 2012, a bit too much superhero mix for me, i did enjoy the Loki/Thor ones tho. Didn’t see the new Mad Max one in cinema on account of still remembering the old ones very well, but now that you point out cough ‘elements of interest’ cough i will have a look if it comes round to my cable channel. Expendables.. sigh, probably not really my cup of tea 😉
    And i actually recently rewatched ‘300’ when i stumbled upon it 😉 nothing against some light entertainment/ Do let us know how Mad Max is once you see it 🙂
    (beards are nice, aren’t they? 😉 )


    • jholland · April 26, 2015

      Oh yes, the right type of beard can make all the difference. In fact, when Armitage on Twitter called his own beard a #periodweirdbeard I was a bit indignant because his Proctor beard is pretty close to the Leonidas/Hubby beard, and I felt it was hot and sexy, not weird. LOL. Yes, once again you confirm that we have very similar tastes in TV and… erm… some of our movies! I wouldn’t recommend Expendables unless you just love Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and the like. I’ll let you know what I think of Mad Max, but don’t expect a comparison to the original because I don’t think I’ve ever really sat down and watched them, though I’ve seen bits and pieces. Hubby wants me to watch the originals- did you like them? I do have to say that the prospect a young Mel Gibson isn’t exactly abhorrent to me. In light of his recent behavior, I’ve revised my opinion of him as a person, but I can admit he was quite the hottie in his day.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hariclea · April 27, 2015

        totally with you on Gibson, used to love him but somewhere something went very wrong and hard to watch and no think of the stuff he’s said since. But yes the original Mad Max are vintage! loved them, Tina Turner is also in them :-))) id’ give them a go 🙂 Back in the day this kind of work end SF was not done so they were unusual 🙂 a bit like Blade runner in its time 🙂


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