Head Cast of Richard Armitage


It was hard for me to see Richard in this head cast until I edited several photos of him in a combination of comic book and inverted colors and compared that to the photo of the cast. Then I could see it.

Idle occupations on a Monday.

Has anyone photoshopped this head cast onto a classic Greek statue yet? Maybe a job for obscura…

Updated: obscura likened the head cast to not a Greek statue, but a style of Roman portrait sculpture called verism. I learn so much in this fandom!!



  1. obscura · April 20, 2015

    Oh boy….that has a very, very, very Roman look about it!

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  2. Hariclea · April 21, 2015

    aaah me thinks we don’t need photoshop… we need a full body cast of the real thing!!! 😀


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  4. linnetmoss · April 23, 2015


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