Hubby Googled Preoccupied With Armitage

So last night, profoundly tickled by my own new Giffing skills, I proudly showed Hubby my new GIFs, and he was of course very impressed… if not with my GIFs, then at least with my determination to tackle a new, somewhat technically demanding (if you’re *me*) project. We got to talking about the blog, the blog stats, the search terms that I know of, etc. Hubby said he still hadn’t really visited on his own time to see what I’ve been up to, and I must admit, that bothered me a bit. Nevermind that I kept it a secret for the first few months and then accidentally outed myself

Beg Pardon

I guess now that the cat’s out of the bag, I expected he might show at least a little interest in what I’ve been up to, but apparently not. I didn’t know whether he just really has no interest in the topic of Richard, or whether maybe he actually has some level of displeasure/jealousy/irritation etc. I suppose my tone of voice, or perhaps my indignant facial expression, must have cued him, because he quickly added that he didn’t know if he was “allowed” to look at the blog.

Screenshot1I told him to basically enter at his own risk, or not, and I fear I may have come across as a bit petulant, because with a raised eyebrow, he typed in “preoccupied with armitage” into his phone google app, and saw this: ——->

Yeah, so somehow or other, Ladies, the top suggestion seems to be the tag “Shirtless Richard Armitage” (I can’t imagine why…) and when you click on it, it leads here. Yes, that tag is on some all of my top-viewed posts. I immediately began to regret my peevish tone.

“Just what kind of blog are you running?” he asked mildly.

“That… ah… that does look a bit shady.” (Gulp!)

Believe So

But Hubby clicked on “Shirtless Richard Armitage” and read the top post, which involved some shenanigans in the surgical suite. And as he read the post, and viewed the many lovely examples of Richard’s manly chest, that eyebrow went a bit lot higher.


Bad Idea

When he finished reading that, he commented to the effect that me, myself and my surgery tech are a lethal combination, and should no longer be unchaperoned together in the surgical suite. Then he saw my trepidation, he reassured me that this came as no surprise. “You forget I’ve seen your fridge.”


At any rate, now Hubby knows just what kind of blog I’m running.

Just what kind of tags I’m tagging.

Let the ribbing begin. LOL


  1. Hariclea · March 13, 2015

    of all the things!!! it couldn’t have been any other post could it? :-p Not in your universe 😀 Sorry i was giggling all throughout! You’ll have to show him that we talk about other stuff too.. like theatre and stuff 🙂

    Glad there are at least a few kittens on your fridge! Couldn’t identify all pics which is another worry (am i a bad fan????)

    Liked by 1 person

    • SH · March 13, 2015

      Right!! We talk about THEATRE!! 😉 😉 Actually we do… just made me laugh because it sounds like something I would say 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • jholland · March 13, 2015

        I know! I DO have (some) posts about serious topics, and even non-RA related topics! There’s even an entire post dedicated to Hubby and how we met! But alas, no… he would just have to look at the hard evidence for my ogling. Sigh. =)


    • jholland · March 13, 2015

      Just my luck! How about we give Hubby a real eye-full on his first foray? LOL. Oh… the fridge has just a few of RA. It’s a real community effort. All female staff and all different tastes in… ah… puppies and kittens. =)

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  2. Helen · March 13, 2015

    😀 😀 😀 This is priceless… 😀 I do love your posts and now with added gifs! 😀 You have a very nivce hubby too, I reckon 😉


    • jholland · March 13, 2015

      He is very nice, and really quite tolerant. When I apologized that the first post he saw was nothing but Shirtless Richard Armitage, he said “No big deal. I’ve already seen Shirtless Richard Armitage. I’ve seen The Crucible now, remember?”

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  3. Helen · March 13, 2015

    Nice, nice…


  4. linnetmoss · March 13, 2015

    I found Hubby’s predicament touching. He’s curious and probably a bit perplexed. No doubt there is a touch of jealousy, but he could not be so tolerant about it were he not very secure in your love for him. He did not want to intrude on your space, and yet…
    I have been pleasantly surprised to find the Long Suffering Husband a regular reader of my blog. Of course it’s not a fan blog, but a certain Actor does make a regular appearance, and there are multiple hymns of praise to other Beautiful Men. But he knows very well that he’s the Best of them all 🙂


    • jholland · March 13, 2015

      You’re very right… I think his staying away came more from a respecting-my-privacy place than a disinterested-in-you place. My problem is that I tend to place myself in his shoes, and I know very well that I’d read every word he wrote if he started blogging. =)

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      • linnetmoss · March 14, 2015

        Blogging is funny. It’s such a confessional genre that I understand why some don’t want anyone in their immediate circle to know about the activity. And now that the LSH has chosen to read mine, I think more carefully about what I say. (What a paradox, that something open to the world can seem so “private” to us.)


        • jholland · March 14, 2015

          It is quite a paradox! And yes, now that Hubby might look, I won’t help but take a bit more care with what I say, or may insert a reference here or there that only he will really understand… =)

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  5. Perry · March 13, 2015

    I kept my blogging secret from friends and family for over a year. Little by little, they knew I had a blog, but not about what, where or how to find it. They prodded and guessed and nagged and nudged, and finally, when I relocated to Mexico, for some reason, maybe to say thanks for all the help and support, I sent them the link with some favorite posts. Almost NO reaction after the initial surprise. Only two or three now follow the blog.


    • jholland · March 13, 2015

      I have been contemplating telling Mom. She’s always enjoyed reading whatever I wrote, and though she’s not an official admirer (as in, obsessed with Richard) I think she’d enjoy the blog. Only problem is I can foresee her bringing up some topic in front of other family members, and then the constant ribbing might get out of hand. I have a little brother. Enough said. LOL

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  6. zan, O1C · March 13, 2015

    Hubby knows and has read my blog. My youngest son and his husband, too. My BFF knows and is a frequent visitor. (These individuals tease the heck out of me, in a loving manner. 😉 ) My sister doesn’t bother with the blog, but likes to get all the details in person. She said she like to live vicariously through my exploits. *snicker* Quite a few of my friends know of my interest, but I haven’t mentioned the blog to them. Not intentionally, I just kind of know it’s not really their cup o’tea, if you know what I mean.


    • jholland · March 13, 2015

      It’s that teasing bit I’m not sure I want to endure, as I already endure a large amount of teasing from my *known* exploits (like the time I up and went to London, the sudden appearance of the region-free DVD player, etc.)- if the ladies at work, or the family knew even the half of it, the teasing would never end. =) That said, now that Hubby does know and isn’t pissy about it, I have enjoyed having some chuckles with him over it. Mom would be the same, as we’d have pretty much more of the same good-natured bantering that we always have when the topic of RA comes up… but the trouble is, Mom can’t keep a secret to save her own life. Every time we’ve ever tried to plan a surprise for someone, Mom blows it at the last minute! So for now, she’s out of the loop until I either decide to risk everyone- including the in-laws, the clients, the pastor and the toilet repair man- knowing, or decide I just don’t care. =)

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