Mark Your Calendars for Thursday, June 4 #Hannibal Season 3 Premiere Date!


With all the hints dropped by Bryan Fuller, (Francis Dolarhyde in the pie scene will break our hearts, the tiger scene is a go)… it looks like it’s shaping up to be a fantastic season. Thanks to lillianschild on the RAC forum. My DVR will be ready and waiting for the time slot- Thursdays at 9pm (Central). Edited: As Perry pointed out, the premiere is on a Thursday. They didn’t make clear whether that would be the time slot for the entire season. (Though I hope it will be!)

The article is here.

Is this a great day, or what? =)



  1. Hariclea · March 7, 2015

    i went like yay! and then it hit me i am actually sitting on the other side of the Atlantic with no clue whatsoever if a channel here will pick it up and when! LOL all the faffing about if i will be able to watch it, mentally i mean and twisting myself in knots and when i finally decided ‘of course i’ll watch him’ it hits me i never even considered when and if it will be available at all here! … go figure! 🙂 Now i’m gonna have to avoid spoilers for like, forever!


    • jholland · March 7, 2015

      Yes, I would imagine you’ll find a way to watch it, but may have to wait until it’s available for streaming or on DVD. That’s kind of a downer, right after you finally decide you will watch! I imagine I’ll be in the same boat if/when he does another BBC production.


  2. Servetus · March 7, 2015

    I’m going to have to get TV!


    • jholland · March 7, 2015

      At least you won’t have to subscribe to cable for it!


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