Mocked! At Christmastime, No Less =)


My… “Special” Gifts. LOL

Yeah, so we had our Christmas Luncheon and gift exchange yesterday. I knew something was in the air when my darling employees got out the camera before I opened one “particular” bag! As you may know, my PreoccupationWithArmitage is no secret at the clinic. What a way to amuse and delight me! I mean, Hot Framed Photo of Lucas-Style Richard? Drool-Worthy Rough and Ready Bruised Porter Mousepad? Yes, I’ll enjoy those every day! But what is that romance novel, Honor Bound by Sandra Brown, you may be asking yourself? Is it Richard-related?

The other day, we had a very elderly (and always eccentric) client stop in to pick up some medication for her pet. As she was leaving, she dug around in her large bag, emerged with the paperback in question, tossed it over the counter, and asked the startled receptionist if we would mind “trashing that” for her. She was already finished reading it, and announced she was too busy to take it to the used book store. My well-trained staff tossed it into the trash as directed, but as soon as she was out the door, they fished it out to have a look. I came in about that time, and caught them paging through, giggling, and reading aloud all the Smutty Scenes!

Christmas2014bAnyway, little did I know… they got to work after I returned to my office! They busily started surfing the web for Richard pics, which they then quite tackily taped in various locations…

Steamy inside cover embrace. I must admit, this is quite an improvement.Christmas2014e

They made wonderful embellishments on the first page of every chapter, including the epilogue.

Christmas2014cThey completely remodeled the last page!

And, lest I need assistance in enjoying my new gift, they helpfully page-marked all the smuttiest scenes for my reading enjoyment.

What a thoughtful group of ladies! Seems I’ll have a lot of reading to do in the new year. I’m Honor Bound. =)



  1. Perry · December 24, 2014

    Fabulous Christmas Presents! The book is a treasure.Have a Happy Holiday.


    • jholland · December 26, 2014

      Never has a mouse caressed a mousepad so lovingly! And the book cracks me up. Hope you have a wonderful holiday, too!


  2. sparkhouse1 · December 24, 2014

    Oh that is too funny. What a great group of co-workers. They probably had as much fun giving as you had receiving. Merry Christmas!


    • jholland · December 26, 2014

      They’re a hoot! We do have too much fun around there. I’m surprised they didn’t paste a pic of my face on that inside cover… =)


  3. Servetus · December 24, 2014

    Talk about great workplace atmosphere! Merry Christmas!


    • jholland · December 26, 2014

      We have quite a lot of laughs around there! Nothing like a friendly practical joke to brighten our day. =)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Guylty · December 24, 2014

    That is brilliant and precious. Gentle ribbing aside, it means that your colleagues know you, and appreciate you, quirks and all! Love that book – much improved! Happy Christmas!


    • jholland · December 26, 2014

      This is true… they’re quite the fun group, and we all appreciate each other’s little quirks! I am going to have to plan my “revenge” carefully!


  5. Hariclea · December 24, 2014

    fabulous!!! enjoy your gifts and have a lovely Christmas! 🙂


    • jholland · December 26, 2014

      It’s the little gifts that I love the most! And the book is priceless. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

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