Bummed About The Crucible


I know that there was once a time when it looked like we’d have no opportunity to re watch The Crucible, or see it at all, as the case may be, and believe me, I’m very grateful that is no longer the case. I’d certainly be far more bummed if there was no digital recording, or even if the option to download was unavailable in the U.S. but the theatre screenings were a go. I do love and appreciate the fact that I will be able to watch, re watch and study this marvelous piece of theatre from every angle, repeatedly.

That being said, I was really looking forward to the big screen version, and would have travelled if necessary to see it. In the case that it was available locally, I wanted to invite Hubby, family and friends, and encourage the far-flung loved ones to see it in their local theatres as well. I’m confident enough in it, after seeing its effect on Mom, who is not suffering Armitage Affliction, to be able to recommend it far and wide. Now, although it will be available to download, and I’m sure that technology savvy theatre aficionados and Armitage admirers will avail themselves of the opportunity, I don’t know that some of the people I’d hoped to lure out to the theatre will bother.

I’m also sad because I was looking forward to not only the advantage of the large screen, but the sound system available at the movie theatres. I’d be willing to bet that the haunting music, so important in the atmosphere experienced at The Old Vic, won’t translate nearly as well on my dinky computer speakers as it would in the theatres.

It’s really a shame that whoever holds the rights to screen the play in theatres in North America can’t be negotiated with. It would be one thing if it was a lackluster production, but it was so critically acclaimed, so beautifully done, and I felt, so true to Arthur Miller’s script, that I just can’t imagine why whoever it is putting up the roadblock wouldn’t be jumping at the chance to share it! It’s a masterpiece, and Yael Farber et al. have brought it to life in such a way that it’s almost a new facet of my identity! Anyway, I’ve been down about this, even knowing that eventually, I will get the chance to experience that awe, that foreboding and devastation again, with Hubby if nobody else.


Proctor rips the warrant. Or the copyright notice, in my wishful thinking…

OK. Whinging over. I hope they will reconsider. If anyone knows of a petition, let me know!


  1. SH · November 3, 2014

    I’m in agreement with you on virtually all points.
    Kind of down on 1 hand, counting my blessings on the other 🙂
    “Whinging” – one of my favorite British words 🙂 Just love the way it sounds! Must use in a sentence when I get home (they’re used to my stupidity lol).


    • jholland · November 3, 2014

      I love that word, too! I’m not British but I’ve adopted it =)


  2. June · November 3, 2014

    I, too, am really bummed out about this. I was really looking forward to seeing this marvellous and unforgettable piece of work on the big screen. I’m so glad that I put aside all misgivings and fears and went to London from Calgary and saw it twice (although I felt I should have booked more nights and didn’t follow my heart). I would have been willing to travel anywhere in North America to see it. I still don’t know if they will be showing it in Canada. I will keep hoping until I hear a definite “No”.
    I really should not be whinging but I agree.


    • jholland · November 3, 2014

      I know. Hubby would kill me if he knew I was even considering it, because it’s extravagant… but I was sort of hoping it might be played in Canada. I have a great aunt there. She loves theatre. We could make a date of it! Lol. Crossed fingers that it will come to Canada for your sake, even if mine is only a pipe dream. =)


  3. Servetus · November 3, 2014

    I was trying to imagine in my mind where it could come in the US and couldn’t come to any conclusions about cities close to me, but I would have tried, anyway … though I think it would have been a really different experience. Big screen — and even in the second trailer we saw there are views of the actors that one could not have possibly seen while in the audience … I supposed you could fly to London to see it, lol 🙂


    • jholland · November 3, 2014

      I have a tolerant Hubby. But pretty sure he’d draw the line at a transatlantic run to the movie theatre. =)


      • Servetus · November 3, 2014

        to see a movie of a film you’d already seen … yeah. You can’t fault him there 🙂


        • jholland · November 3, 2014

          No, even I can see that would be going a trifle overboard. Really. I know it would. Out of the question. Definitely. No can do. Lol


        • Servetus · November 4, 2014

          Though you could try to combine it with a trip to the Hobbit premiere in London.


        • jholland · November 4, 2014

          *Plugs ears* TrustmeIthoughtofthatit’sonlythreedayslaterbutnononononono…. Must. Preserve. Marriage.

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