Dr. Scott White: Eyewear Fetish

I Just Had To.


Excuse me. Must…. ah…. well, goodnight!



  1. guylty · October 14, 2014

    LOL. He looks good with any of them. Although I’d prefer him without…

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    • jholland · October 14, 2014

      What!?! Not me! I think Dr. White looks extra dreamy with glasses on. Funny though… I got an email from Hubby today with my RA-in-glasses pics attached, and the remark: Do Me! (Busted!)… Which I interpreted to mean he’s going to let *ME* be in charge of finding the right (in other words, sexiest) reading glasses for him. Life is just so sweet sometimes!

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  2. Helen · October 14, 2014

    Me too, but the horn rims are rather appealing, I must say 🙂


    • jholland · October 14, 2014

      Personal favorite for me is the first one. But he’s smokin’ in all of the above. =)


  3. Hariclea · October 14, 2014

    Hm.. i think they would set off his eyes just nicely 🙂 i like the dark frames 🙂 but i’m not sure he will wear glasses and hm… if he is even that kind of a doctor 😉


    • jholland · October 14, 2014

      What kind of doctor do you think he is? lol
      And yes, after the latest tweet from E.L. I was a bit deflated as there were clearly no glasses on Dr. White.
      However, Dr. White will still wear glasses in my imagination, if nowhere else.

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      • Hariclea · October 14, 2014

        it would be interesting to see him with glasses 🙂 i always imagined the docs who had sofas for patients had glasses too 😉 (sorry for the prejudice 😉 ) doesn’t seem to be the psychologist type though, but who knows… from the photos i’d have never guessed he was any kind of doctor 😉


        • jholland · October 16, 2014

          He’s definitely in his own class, as far as doctors go. Can you imagine the buzz at the nurses station every time he walked past? lol

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  4. SH · October 14, 2014

    These are all niize…. I think the glasses really work with the beard, not sure it would be as good clean shaven or stubbly (though I’ll certainly take him any ol’ way in a pinch 😉


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