One Beard To Divide Them All?

Was Saturday afternoon’s #OneBeardToBringThemAll Twitter campaign goofy, or what? I’m still finding myself chuckling about it. It was definitely one of the dorkiest things I’ve done in a while. What fascinates me is the uproar it’s caused. People are just so ashamed of the participants.

I’ve seen everything from well wishers fearing Richard Armitage would take down his twitter account, to labeling the event as “spam” and “mass hysteria”, to an interpretation that the cartoon he tweeted was a statement “that (a) this joke is over and (b) there were no ladies present.” So should I feel bad about myself? I did, after all, shamelessly tweet a couple of bearded pics his way. Makes me wonder if I should write a long letter of culpability with effusive apologies to Richard.

No, I think not.

If I ever decide it’s ok to tweet him pictures of my cleavage, myself licking one of his photos, mooning him… well, then I will write that letter and promptly shoot myself. As it is, I think I’ll let the veiled insults roll off my back. To each her own. Some are wackier than others. I’ll not presume to label a non-bearded lady.


  1. Heather · September 22, 2014

    Although I didn’t tweet a bearded pic myself because I am uncreative and lame I thought the whole thing was amusing and a wonderful idea. I think RA was amused by it and I really don’t think there was any ‘message’ in his tweet other than reciprocal humour and that he waited till the end of the day (or when he thought the tweets were pretty much done). I think it was a great idea and I am sure RA didn’t mind in the least since it was a random concentrated effort…it’s not like he was being bombarded ad nauseum (ok, I can’t seem to spell that word) for days on end. The naysayers need to lighten up and realize there is fun in life, not just perceived proper etiquette. I think that RA had thought long and hard as to what a twitter account is all about before he started and is ok with it. If his twitter account was only just him promoting himself and his projects it would be boring and I wouldn’t bother following. I think humour is a big part of his personality and his twitter is a way to connect with fans periodically. Just my opinion!


    • jholland · September 22, 2014

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I think he appreciates the occasional inanity. And I think it might be rewarding, on some level, to have thrown out a jest about the well-wishers adopting beards as uniforms, and have the jest returned.


  2. Perry · September 22, 2014

    LOL – *veiled* threats. So, how creative can one be with the female version of a beard – the veil? I missed the “mass hysteria” comments, but had I seen it, I would have thought it was hysterical. What I don’t get is why some fans think it’s wrong for other fans to express their decision to opt out, or even to lobby against some joint effort, even if the objections don’t hold much weight. ( I mean, after all, the man went on twitter and started a contest vis a vis hiding the beard – so one would assume he expected to see those hide the beard tweets on his TL – what’s the difference really, in the number of tweets or *spam* he gets? I look forward to a picture of you licking your cleavage. It seems like a physical impossibility.


    • jholland · September 22, 2014

      Lol, you’re going to be waiting a verrrrrrrry long time for a picture of me licking anything! No, I completely agree, I think the vast majority of the ladies I “know” from forums and other avenues did not participate, and I’d not presume to question their well-wisher status. They’re just more reserved! I also think it’s perfectly acceptable to state on whatever platform one has, that one personally thinks it’s ridiculous! It was, in fact, ridiculous. =) So was the bacon beard.


      • Perry · September 22, 2014

        Non-participation may also have been because many, many fans keep themselves very anonymous, they’re not comfortable on twitter, or with selfies, all the good ideas were taken, it was too late. I think there are reasons why people who neither objected nor supported did not participate.


  3. kelbel75 · September 22, 2014

    fans can be very passionate beings, for good or ill. this isn’t the first uproar and it most certainly won’t be the last. Richard said once that “if it stops being fun, then it must stop altogether”. our idea of fun may differ because we differ; it took me awhile to realize this but now I happen to think it’s a good thing 🙂

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    • jholland · September 22, 2014

      You’ve hit the nail on the head. There is never going to be consensus about any topic. I hope no one gets his or her feelings too hurt about all this, one way or the other.


  4. Ramona Wiener (@mrsvienna) · September 22, 2014

    True words! It was fun for us. That’s what count. His weird pic of a bacon beard is almost the same thing, or? I have participated in the #OneBeardToBringThemAll Twitter campaign, and I am not ashamed. Seriously, is it really a much different thing as sending letters, gifts, pictures to sign, fanart etc. by well-wishers? I think not. The only difference is: it was public.
    In addition to this he’s the only one who knows how he meant the cartoon. Everything else is interpretation.


    • jholland · September 22, 2014

      Yes, it was public and it was utterly absurd, but I think RA has a bit of a fondness for absurdity. Hopefully he wasn’t as horrified at the low, low depths we bearded ladies sunk to as some would have us believe! You’re right- he’s the only one who knows exactly what he meant by that particular cartoon, but my interpretation is simple- he went looking for a cartoon that involved beards and ladies, found a cute one and tweeted it. He’s not likely to have been coldly dismissing his fans- he’s not the type to do that.


      • Servetus · September 22, 2014

        above all: dissing your fans on twitter? Not the done thing for someone who wants to build followers, and he clearly has publicity advice. Plus the *one* time he was ever quoted as saying something that was mildly critical of fans, the backlash among fans was so severe, with some of them writing to his agent, that he immediately sent a message apologizing.


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