Farewell. Truly.

I’ve been melancholy again today, my memories bittersweet. I’ll never forget The Crucible. How it moved me, how words came to life. It was a masterpiece, and now it’s over.

I’ll miss, too, the nightly tweets, the stage door gift he kept on giving, the sharing of experiences from all over the world. I think more will be written, and I look forward to it. I can’t bear the thought of going cold turkey!

Farewell in the truest sense of the word. I hope each and every person involved, from our superstar artist and the other phenomenal members of the cast, to Yael with her fire and vision, to those who worked in the background and will never be recognized, will fare well, whatever their journey may be.


  1. richardtreehouse · September 13, 2014

    A lovely farewell. I’m feeling sad and I too hope we still have stories yet to hear.


    • jholland · September 14, 2014

      Well, I have a one more performance to cover, and a couple of times when I showed up at the Stage Door I could share. And most likely will share, being so preoccupiedwitharmitageallthetime. =)


  2. Servetus · September 13, 2014

    LOL, I think more will be written, which is a polite way of saying I have more to say. I was a bit surprised by how on edge and then sad I was this afternoon. Then again, I think — what if you do this for a living? You have to regularly abandon these people you’ve inhabited. On to the next adventure …


    • jholland · September 14, 2014

      I truly wish I knew what he feels when the time comes to step out of one skin and into another. Particularly this time. And I look forward to more from you, Servetus. In the past I assumed your in-depth analyses were from repeated viewings with screen caps. Now I’m beginning to suspect you have a photographic memory. I’ll read what you’ve captured from a live performance and marvel at the detail, because while Proctor’s voice saying the lines is still clear in my head as I read and re-read The Crucible, I don’t have the visual memory in nearly the detail that you are able to bring. Kudos, and please keep it coming!

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      • Servetus · September 14, 2014

        I don’t have a photographic memory (and am relieved about that) and I do do repeated viewings with screen caps (and for awhile in 2010 I was watching frame by frame) when I can. You can’t do that with a play though. When I was 22 I read a book by Francis Yates called The Art of Memory and it changed my life — it discussed how people remembered huge, detailed things before it was convenient for most of them to write them down. Since then I’ve been practicing the ars memoriae and I’ve gotten good at it. That said — for this play, I had to do the visualization exercise during the first half, jot down notes during the interval, and then repeat in the second half. On the night when I didn’t get to do that my memories are still good but much more blurred.


        • jholland · September 16, 2014

          If RA does another play, I will be devouring the Yates book in preparation! =)


  3. Perry · September 14, 2014

    No one asks me any more, but if someone were to ask, ” How did you spend your summer vacation?” “glued to twitter,” might be the response.


    • jholland · September 14, 2014

      Having just joined twitter within hours of discovering @RCArmitage’s birthday bomb, I can only claim the last 3 weeks as glued to twitter. For the rest of the summer, mine was more like “glued to meandrichard” and typing the “m” in both phone and desktop browser brings it right up! From there I went all over the internet, including twitter and everywhere else!


      • Servetus · September 16, 2014

        I was gonna say — there is lots more to see. To get a full picture you really need to read mutiple venues. I only blog about stuff that strikes me as interesting or historically fandom significant …


  4. guylty · September 14, 2014

    I feel with you. But then again, I don’t think it’ll be cold turkey. Maybe warm turkey? But he’s going to serve up some hot beefcake again, soon. 😀 Nah, I don’t even mean that in a shallow objectifying way. We’ll now come down from the 12 week high and have a bit of a breather. And then we’ll have bits and pieces here and there again. Maybe that way we will appreciate it even more… Plus, the memories will stay. Forever.


    • jholland · September 14, 2014

      Going to be extra careful not to let autocorrect change your name to “Guilty” again! I know what you mean! I’ll take the warm turkey for now and wait for some hot beefcake to be served. lol

      Wow, that sounds bad. Hope Hubby thinks I’m on the forum again and doesn’t wander over.


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